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Your own ToDo items

Want a list on your homepage with only your ToDo items in it? Edit your home page and enter this: {{todolist|assignedTo=YourUserName}}

Claiming an item

If you want to assign an item to yourself, on the page where the item first occurs (probably a meeting protocol), edit the paragraph with the item in it and change it like the following: from {{todo|Buy stamps and bananas}} to {{todo|Buy stamps and bananas|assignedTo=YourUserName}}

Marking an item as Done

When your task is finished, change the tag to look like this: {{todo|Buy stamps and bananas|assignedTo=YourUserName|done=yes}} and share this with either the org mailing list or the team coordinator.

List of unsolved ToDos

Defined inTaskAssigned toDeadline
AccessibilityContact sign language interpretators and ask about a new cooperationYou?
AccessibilityCheck if we can lend/rent a hearing loop, prices or as sponsorshipYou?
AccessibilityMake some text/paper with basic accessibility info that the staff should readYou?
Accessibility aspect 2013Contact sign language interpretators and ask about a new cooperationYou?
Accessibility aspect 2013Check if we can lend/rent a hearing loop, prices or as sponsorshipYou?
Accessibility aspect 2013Make some text/paper with basic accessibility info that the staff should readYou?
Eighth planning meeting 2012LJO + GD collects the votes. Stian asks the preferred keynotesStian
Eighth planning meeting 2012Come up with complete budget estimate for hardware aspect.Klondike
FSCONS 2011/Teams
FSCONS 2012/VenueMake sure cleaning equipment is available
Fourteenth planning meeting 2012Oliver asks for instructions templates.Heavensmile
Fourteenth planning meeting 2012Leif-Jöran collects these requirements.Ljo
Fourth Planning meeting 2012Create a proposal for the external social event on SundayMy
Ninth planning meeting 2012Oliver P check magazine ads deadline.Oliver
Ninth planning meeting 2012Come back with decision within two weeks.My,Anton
Ninth planning meeting 2012Check total price according to discussion items.Alireza,Evelina
Ninth planning meeting 2012Oliver P collects the new venue plans for next meeting.Oliver
Ninth planning meeting 2012Grégoire bring back discussion to FFKP and come back with negotiationable terms after their board meeting August 27th.Grégoire
Ninth planning meeting 2012Grégoire check dealines. And coordinate it with magazine ads deadline.
Past ConferencesWrite-up of 2013Kilroy
Seventh planning meeting 2012Ask last years responsible person about reception. Negative answer received. Continues looking.Grégoire
Seventh planning meeting 2012Find new maps of the building in order to decide locationJonas
Seventh planning meeting 2012Put draft print material list related to marketing in aspect pageLjo
Seventh planning meeting 2012Ask Rikard or on org mailing list about coordinating security aspectGrégoire
Sixteenth planning meeting 2012Where do we borrow/rent?.My,Anton
Sixteenth planning meeting 2012Ask to borrow from floor 2.Ljo
Sixteenth planning meeting 2012Send payment details to LJO.My,Anton
Sixteenth planning meeting 2012Send descriptions to LJO before Tuesday morning.Alireza,Evelina
Sixteenth planning meeting 2012Coordinate car schedule with Grégoire.
Sixteenth planning meeting 2012E-mail to volunteers.
Sixteenth planning meeting 2012Get the .
Sixth planning meeting 2012Sign responsibility for venue contract which is needed according to Jonas.Ljo
Sixth planning meeting 2012Ljo
Tenth planning meeting 2012My will discuss with the Social Event Committee about the food that is served or possible to serve at Kuggen
Tenth planning meeting 2012Since it doesn't make much sense to use the the old ffkp mail address for fscons any more, we need to setup new mail aliases.
Tenth planning meeting 2012
Thirteenth planning meeting 2012Print posters and send mail this being the final version for those that want to print it themselves.Grégoire
Thirteenth planning meeting 2012Check locks on roomsEvelina
Thirteenth planning meeting 2012Food for volunteer roomAnton/My
Thirteenth planning meeting 2012Send request to the aspects on number of volunteers they need.Grégoire
Thirteenth planning meeting 2012Ask Wikimedia and NFSA if 45 minutes are good for their sessionsLjo
WorkMeeting/2014-09-15Stian will contact Jens about new postersStian
WorkMeeting/2014-09-15Ljo will discuss how to get the volunteers involved with TamLjo,Tam
WorkMeeting/2014-09-15Apply for licenseLjo
WorkMeeting/2014-09-15The policy committee will present a proposal for new manifesto next work meetingLjo,skymandr
WorkMeeting/2014-09-15Take courseStian
WorkMeeting/2014-09-15Ask for someone to take responsibility for the social eventsStian
WorkMeeting/2014-09-15Send emails to Stian with suggestions of speakers for the Programming languages trackAll
WorkMeeting/2014-09-29Typeset and print manifesto for presentation at the conferenceLjo
WorkMeeting/2014-09-29The harddrives used for storing video need to be assessed and readied for new useGrégoire
WorkMeeting/2014-09-29Promote the new version of the manifesto online, committee will assist in highlighting changesOliver
WorkMeeting/2014-09-29Promote the conference more!All
WorkMeeting/2014-09-29Change name of Open Space to Our Open SpacesSkymandr
WorkMeeting/2014-09-29Promote the fact that young visitors will get their own Arduino, sponsored by FriprogramvarusyndikatetOliver
WorkMeeting/2014-09-29Andreas and Tab will meet to discuss the caféTab
WorkMeeting/2014-10-13If time permits, fix an up-to-date logotype to Promotion TeamOliver
WorkMeeting/2014-10-13Promotion Team will promote the social events, evening gigs etc.Oliver
WorkMeeting/2014-10-13Promotion Team will promote the article about FSCONS, published in Computer SwedenOliver
WorkMeeting/2014-10-13Promotion Team will promote the opportunity to be a volunteer at the conferenceOliver
WorkMeeting/2014-10-13Typeset and print manifesto for presentation at the conferenceSkymandr
WorkMeeting/2014-10-13Promote the buy-before-date of early bird tickets.Oliver
WorkMeeting/2014-10-13Some speakers have requested somewhere to sleep. Everyone is encouraged to ask around for this. Someone will send an email about this to the list.Stian
WorkMeeting/2014-10-27Add the missing three sponsors/partners to the homepageGrégoire