Tenth planning meeting 2012

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Org Meeting
Place:CTH Johanneberg — EDIT-room


The agenda isn't fixed yet, please submit propositions in the Talk:Tenth planning meeting 2012 page

In conjunction with (after) today's planning meeting we will have a founding meeting for Föreningen FSCONS. We will therefore try to make the planning meeting a bit shorter so that the overall time will not extend to much after the official end time. Since we do not want this to be overly administrative we suggest that:

  1. the current aspect managers will be suggested as officials up for election.
  2. The membership fee is set to 50 SEK.
  3. Nominations for the board (we need 3 plus 1 (at least)): Leif-Jöran Olsson, Gustav Eek, Grégoire Détrez.
  4. Nomination for accountant (revisor):
  5. The by-laws are set as (authorative text in Swedish):



Leif-Jöran opens the meeting.

Questions/items from the “discussion” page

Venue planning

My has taken some photo, oliver should get the plans for the next meeting.

Note: Wikimedia wants a room for about 15 people for discussions.

Will we have a Nordic Free Software Award this year?

There will. The Nordic free software arward is organized by Henrik, questions should be directed to him. TODO: Template:Trim Property "Has description" (as page type) with input value "Confirm with Henrik that the event have to be schedule on Saturday's social event." contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process.

Note: There will also be an award from Wikimedia this year.

Bump manifest version number to 1?

Leif-Jöran suggest that the policy aspect brings the latest version to the board meeting for discussion.

Social event location

As discussed previously, Sunday's social event will be at Kuggen

Social event activities

The following have been suggested:

  • Free signupfor the mic at the venue, like for lighting talks
  • key signing event

Someone requested a clearer transition beween the day activities and the social event. Use:Jonas Jonas suggest to put the awards at the beginning of the social event to mark the end of the day.

TODO: Template:Trim

schedule shape

The slots are mostly reused from last year.

News round

Can everyone put some info on his wiki page to differentiate bots from humans?
The orders for the café have to be placed about 1-2 weeks before the conference and need to be paid upfront.
Ica has been contacted for the breakfast
Anton has visited a nice café that has a gathering offer: 100 SEK for one sallad and a sandwitch (for 50 people, could be cheaper for more.)
Pizza was popular but maybe mainly because it was hot. People might also want more heavy food than salad.
Discussion have progressed between FSCONS and the ffkp
some survey question have been included in the registration
two parts remain to be done: during and after the conference
no deadline yet from the magazine, will try to recontact
Promotion/sponsors work has started including calling companies and pushing content on social media.
the tracks are up to speed
the booth are being fixed
about the budget, this is included in and waiting for the discussion between ffkp and FSCONS

About the Hardware aspect (absent):

  • they have a maximum budget
  • we should ask Patrik for is cameraman contacts.

Next meeting

  • Next meeting will be in Språkbanken room L307, September 17th, 17.30-18.30.

You find Språkbanken at Lennart Torstenssonsgatan 8.

Founding meeting of the new organisation

A new organisation is being created to take care of the conference. The second part of this working meeting has been used for the founding meeting of this new entity.

We need to find a solution for the sustainability of the conference. In this goal, a new foundation has been created to which the ffkp will transfer the responsibility of organizing the conference.

During meetings with the ffkp borad, details have been discussed. An inventory of everything bought with “FSCONS money” has been created to transfer ownership of this equipment to the new organization. It has been noted that the previous conferences have lost about 30000 SEK but to start fresh it has been agreed that the new organization will buy the mentioned equipment from ffkp for a defined price (about 10k SEK) and won't carry this debt.

The ffkp also offered to store the equipment as long as necessary and to host the website until the end of 2012. The previous organisers also pointed out that they will be there if there is any question concerning the organization of the conference.

The Nordic Free Software Award is not included in this transition and remains the responsibility of Henrik to organize.

TODO: Template:Trim

It should be noted that the board members of the new organization will be financially responsible for the conference, although we try to make the risks as small as possible.

Leif-Jöran presents the bylaws draft for this organisation based of those of Fripost. After discussion, a few amendments have to be made, the new version should be presented sound and sign by all present participants.

Creation of the committees

according to the bylaws, a commitee is created for each aspect of the conference organization. here is a summary of the accepted list (based on the current list of aspects and the available workforce):

No commitee because no one is available to staff it.
Anton & My
No need for this aspect any more.
Patrick and Klondike have been proposed. As they were absent they still have to agree to that.
Leif-Jöran and Andreas S.
Oliver (Henrik and Rikard defects)
Will be merged in the Venue committee
Will be merged with the promotion committee
Social event
Alireza & Evelina
Leif-Jöran, Grégoire and Oliver
Vacant, organizer are needed in this committee (which we cannot avoid having)
Web & Infrastructure

Board election

Suggested board members: Leif-Jöran, Grégoire, Gustav and Stian elected unanimously.

Revisor: it is voted to ask Andreas to take this role (unanimously)

Membership fee

Voted at 50SEK (unanimously)