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Work Meeting
Date:2014-10-27 18:00

Budget and registrations

Ljo gave an update for the new registrations since last meeting. The registration deadline has been extended to Thursday 30th October. The budget is looking solid, though a more registered participants would be good.

Sponsors and promotion

Oliver reported that no new sponsors have been found for this year. Studiefrämjandet (partner), GGS and SR Volda are missing from the Partners/Sponsors page on the homepage.

Update sponsors page on homepage

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Fifteen volunteers will have a walk-through of the venue and information meeting tomorrow 28th October at 20:00. Another opportunity will be given on Friday before the conference preparations start. Approximately eight others have expressed interest in helping out, five of which are for the hardware team. The hardware team manager will instruct these separately from the other volunteers. Tam will take responsibility for the reception area.


The café team reported on the progress in café planning. Most things are in place, and the café is currently estimating making neither a loss nor a profit.

Café preparations can start at 15.30 on Friday 31st October, or possibly earlier. The café manager will double-check this. The café thinks it will need four people during most of the day, but would prefer six during rush-hours. This brings a total of 15 volunteer shifts per day for the café.


Grégoire has a car, but is not available on Friday. Tam can also lend her car to the conference. The café needs to use the car to fetch alcohol from Linné and Gårda, to go to Snabbgross for shopping, and to pick up the buffé from "En del i haga" on both Saturday and Sunday. Props and inventories for the café need to be picked up in Alingsås. The café team will see if Snabbgross can offer delivery of the goods to the venue.

Annual meeting

Grégoire suggest to have the next annual meeting online, since that will allow more people to attend. An alternative solution is to set up remote attendance for the meeting. There is appropriate software for both solutions available. The next annual meeting will probably be in March 2015

Badges, leaflets and printed materials

Grégoire and Ljo will cooperate in preparing badges. Grégoire will update the leaflet from last year with this years information. It will be sent to the printer on Wednesday evening. The café team will compile a list and/or map of local eateries for the leaflet.

Next meeting

There will be a volunteer meeting tomorrow, and another on Friday at 16.00. Next work meeting will be a longer session on Thursday at Språkbanken, starting at 18.00. This final work meeting will deal with preparing badges, cash registers, last minute printing, hardware checks etc. Café preparations start at 15.30 on Friday, other preparations start at 15.00 Humanisten.

Follow-up meeting

The follow-up meeting is scheduled for 24th November, 18.00 at Språkbanken.