Seventh planning meeting 2012

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Org Meeting
Place:CTH Johanneberg — EDIT-room


  • Aspects
    • What is the role of the coordinators?
    • Aspects that lack coordinators
      • Social
      • Security aspect
      • Reception
      • Registration
      • Staffing
      • Venue
    • Notification: New responsibilities added:
      • Booth (venue)
      • Baby room (venue)
      • Money management (Management)
      • Signs (indoor, outdoor) (venue)
  • Promotion
    • Status report from the coordinators
    • Graphical theme
  • other questions
  • Next meeting?


  • GD explains what is the aspect coordinator role? The coordinators are not supposed to do everything themselves. Important task is to make sure the communication is working.
  • DECISION: Evelina and Alireza will be coordinators for the social aspect.
  • DECISION: Security aspect needs a coordinator, ask Rikard or someone on the org mailing list

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  • DECISION: Registration merged with web aspect
  • DECISION: Reception ask if last years responsible person wants to be responsible again or take part in other way.

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  • DECISION: Staffing is the responsibility of GD + LJO
  • DECISION: Venue aspect, take care of putting up signs. skymandr want to be involved, but not coordinator.
  • DECISION: Baby room self serviced by the parents, but needs to be in program and have info,cleaning schedule, preferrably also close proximity to nursing table in big toilet. For the placement we would do good with new maps of the building.

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  • Promtion
    • Marketing buget is suggested to be roughlty the same as last year.
    • DECISION: 2000 SEK printing poster a3. 1000 SEK posters in chalmers area, 3000 SEK stickers 1000 SEK flyers. Not including booklet or other print material.
    • Graphical theme
    • DECISION: Ask Andreas. LJO put the print material list in the aspect and they edit it if something is missing.

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  • Other aspect budgets
    • DECISION:Cafe aspect need extension with some more days with their budget.
    • DECISION: Social aspect need some more days with their budget.
    • DECISION: Decide beforehand a gathering point and where to direct people. Show emergency gathering point on walkthrough. Reuse old emergency plan which also should be used on walkthrough.
  • Next meeting
    • DECISION: Mon June 11th 17:30 Edit:edit.