Eighth planning meeting 2012

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Org Meeting
Place:CTH Johanneberg — EDIT-room


Summary (DRAFT, will be finalised Tuesday June 12th)

  • Keynote voting

DECISION: Vote until end of week according to procedure on keynote page.

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  • Graphical profile

DECISION: Workshop meting with interested persons end of June, suggestion 27th. Posters should be started to be put up in mid September.

  • Café aspect

DECISION: Try to keep zero budget. Keep food alternatives, vegan etc, but try lower cost. Breakfast, will be selfmade this year. Beer, cut down on impopular according to previous figures. Soft drinks, 2 fridges available. Survey coop for easy participation. Investigate bitcoin, but sceptical to add another payment method. Find out how to keep people inside for higher sales. Info: More places will be open this year for hot food.

  • Social aspect

DECISION: 4 main alternatives. Kuggen (2 floors) is the preferred alternative. No figures yet though, but we would need to get food and equipment from them. Other alternatives, itu, gasken, bulten, berg211 (Total with transport 24', 18' for rent according to last time we used them, they provide much lower figure now 8'.). Calculate on 150-200 social event participants.

  • Hardware aspect

DECISION: Rent pa systems for all rooms, microphones, light, according to suggestion. Additional questions answers for convenience: Max 4 simultaneous tracks, No sign interpreter. Hardware aspect provide estimate ASAP for slides+audio equipment, e g pay shipping back and forth to Belgium.

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  • Next meeting

DECISION: For interested orgs and and 1 representative per track. Audio participation possible.

Monday July 30th 17.30 at Språkbanken, L307.