Fourth Planning meeting 2012

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Org Meeting
Place:CTH Johanneberg — EDIT-room


  • News round
  • Changes to the aspects
  • Notify organisers on the Track organisers 2012 page (Rikard)
  • Discuss the location for the social events (at the FSCONS or outsourced)
  • Brief aspects coordinators on the accessibility pledge (Rikard, Grégoire)
  • Discuss how some aspects cover many others, possible ways to communicate between aspects (Rikard)
  • Add your agenda items here


  • Reading of the agenda
  • News round
    • We have been contacted by wikimedia who wants to organize a track
they want to have a phone meeting.
    • ljo: thinking about budget; new prices 100 tickets 40€, 200 at 70€; hope to get >= 6 local compagny 5000SEK, one at 10000SEK and one at 20000SEK

    • Klondike propose a "Miscellaneous" track to put talks that don't match other tracks
      • this can be proposed as any track
  • aspect overlaps
    • things should be discussed in the meetings and the mailing list
  • social event location
    • lunch at the venue
    • evenings could be taken elsewhere
      • the social event of 2009 and 2010 were organised elsewhere but it was complicated due to the chosen location (a lot of organisation)
      • ideally would be to have the Sunday event externally.
      • klondike suggest to rent Gasque
      • TODO: Template:Trim (User:My)

  • Accessibility pledge
    • presentation of the idea
    • no one is against it
    • this should be included in the CFP