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  • Planning of furnishing
  • Furnishing during the conference
    • conference rooms, staff room, baby room, booth…
  • indoor/outdoor signs
  • Cleanup
  • Toilet cleaning during the conference
  • Toilet paper?

Current Venue Spectres are skymandr.

List of rooms

Room needed/requested:

Wikimedia room
A room for about 15 people, for discussions
Baby room
Should be self managed: users take care of surveillance and cleaning
TODO: Template:Trim
Volunteer room
Garbage room
Storage room


  • Whiteboard to signup for the lightning talks
  • Keys to open the building
  • Cards to access different parts of the building


  • Signs:
    • Press me sign for forced ventilation (?)
    • Accessibility row sign (?)
  • Pictures

Link to Dropbox folder with pictures

  • Other stuff:
    • Manifests template for room contents (?)