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Stian Rødven Eide
Chief Programme Indoctrinator / Organisation Chairman

About me

I'm a PhD student in Computational linguistics at Göteborg University. I like the usual things, such as saving the world, cilantro and Italian progressive rock.

My work

For the last years, I've mostly focused on the main programme for FSCONS. I have been serving as chairman for the formal organisation behind FSCONS since 2012, and sometimes I help with some other stuff as well.

Contact me


My ToDoList

Defined inTaskAssigned toDeadline
Eighth planning meeting 2012LJO + GD collects the votes. Stian asks the preferred keynotesStian
WorkMeeting/2014-09-15Ask for someone to take responsibility for the social eventsStian
WorkMeeting/2014-09-15Stian will contact Jens about new postersStian
WorkMeeting/2014-09-15Take courseStian
WorkMeeting/2014-10-13Some speakers have requested somewhere to sleep. Everyone is encouraged to ask around for this. Someone will send an email about this to the list.Stian