Thirteenth planning meeting 2012

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Org Meeting
Place:CTH Johanneberg — EDIT-room


  • Aspects walkthrough
  • Follow up on call out for volunteers
  • Set dates for walkthroughs
  • Room plans
  • Checking deadlines
  • Next meeting (every week from now on?)

Minutes (draft until 2012-10-18)

  • Room plans
    • Plan 4: Torg blå, Torg organge,
    • Plan 2: Keynote Torg2
    • Storage room: Switch
    • Wikimedia: Piazza
    • Secure storage room:
    • Volunteer room: Steve Jobs
    • Baby room: Fnutt

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  • Follow up on call out for volunteers
    • 3-4 hours per person per day. Ca 30 people will probably be needed. 3 volunteers needed from social event aspect.

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  • Aspects walkthrough
    • Social event plan to have game and karaoke
      • ElectroKKV wants to make a performance/show.

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    • Hardware

Will start coordinating

    • Café
      • Will start ordering.
      • Trying to find optimal solution.
    • Promotion

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    • Budget
    • Schedule

We have 40 sessions in the schedule currently. We need to have the last ones by the end of the week so we can print the schedule booklet. If you are a track manager please at least put in place holders for what you know.

  • Next meeting

October 23rd Meet a Lindholmen by Patricia entrance at 17.30.