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Work Meeting
Date:2014-09-29 18:00

Advertisment, sponsorship, promotion

Oliver gave a status report. Keynote speakers and programme have been advertised on the blog and on Twitter. Sponsors will be contacted this week. The feeling from the sponsorship and promotion team, is that the conference is becoming more well known internationally, attracting attention form larger projects such as Gnome and Mozilla. An advertisement will appear Linux Magazine and on their homepage. Leif-Jöran informed the meeting that Dataföreningen Sverige will run an article on FSCONS in October.

Add sponsors to homepage

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Young visitors will get Arduinos with their tickets, sponsored by Friprogramvarusyndikatet

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Andreas and Tab will organise the café

Café meeting

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Tam has found volunteers. Leif-Jöran will meet with Tam to discuss this tomorrow.

Manifesto (Policy Committé)

The suggested manifesto was presented by the Policy Committé.

Print manifesto

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Promote manifesto

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Hardware team

Nicholas volunteers as Hardware team manager. We think we need approximately six persons for the hardware team. There are two persons who have volunteered already to take care of the cameras.

Empty harddrives

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Leif-Jöran presented the current ticket-sale figures. It's not bad but could be better. The meeting is encouraged to tell their peers that there are still early-bird tickets left. Flights for keynote speakers have been booked, and the budget is so far looking solid. Unfortunately we cannot accept BitCoins as payment.

Empty harddrives

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Conference Programme

Keynote speakers are booked, but there are still some slots available for talks. Open Space track is still lacking some talks. Wikimedia have said they will have a full track.

Change name of "Open Space" to "Our open spaces"

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