Ninth planning meeting 2012

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Org Meeting
Place:CTH Johanneberg — EDIT-room


  • General summary of the current State of the Conference
  • Money
    • financial provisions for the conference -- who takes the risk?
    • flight bookings for invited speakers -- who does what, with what money?


  • Grégoire opens meeting and welcomes all back with hopes that everyone had a nice summer.
  • General summary of the current State of the Conference, aspects walkthrough
    • Promotion/Advertising aspect

Grégoire tells about the graphical profile workshop in June. Andreas Nilsson will come up with a suggestion for a graphical profile.

    • DECISION: Grégoire coordinates deadline with advertising magazine ads deadline.

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Oliver P tells about advertising: Magazine contacts: New person responsible at, in principle same deal as last year is proposed. Unknown deadline.

    • DECISION: Oliver P checks the dealine and comes back ASAP.

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  • Sponsorship aspect

Oliver P tells: Sponsorship calls will start in a few weeks.

  • Invited keynote speakers

Stian tells:

    • Coleman, Almost all details, including dates etc, ready, title tentative yet though.
    • Randal, very few details specified yet.
  • Decentralising Society track

Stian tells about its progress. Got some slots filled from general cfp. All slots currently filled, but some are not confimed.

  • Policies aspect

Skymandr tells: Leif-Jöran + Skymndr had a few aspect meetings to go through and decide on comments and how to rework the policy documents based on conclusions.

  • Cafe aspect

My + Anton tell: Work is going on as planned. Bur an open question is how to do with breakfast, Make it ourselves or buy ready? The aspect comes back with a decision within two weeks.

    • DECISION: Aspect come back with decision on breakfast based on price and other factors important to aspect.

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  • Social event aspect

Evelina tells: Kuggen seems to be the best option.

    • No reservation fee.
    • Cost is 550 SEK per hour for the staff.
    • No need to order food as stated before it seems.
    • Decide how to do with furniture. Cafe tables or mixed. Mixed is preferred. Should we rent furniture somewhere else?
    • We are suppposed to clean. Or what does it cost to get it done?
    • DECISION: Leif-Jöran send billing address for confirmation. Alireza and Evelina check total price according to discussion items above.

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  • Hardware aspect

Klondike tells: No exact final figure yet received.

  • DECISION: We set it to maximum SEK 15 000.
  • Survey

GD tells: Basic questions will be in registration form.

  • Security aspect
    • DECISION: Merge with venue.
  • New venue maps
    • DECISION: Oliver P get them for next meeting to start planning layout and room functions.

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  • Programme aspect

Leif-Jöran tells: cfp-review meeting was held on July 30th, we accepted 29 proposals. Currently dialogue with track managers about what proposals from the cfp that would fit their tracks. Debian has applied for a booth.

  • Financing
    • Leif-Jöran suggested to put up money for flight bookings for invited speakers until inbound cash flow is there to cover running costs. Only approved purchases to be done by aspects. Hand in invoices.
    • Financial provisions for the conference -- who takes the risk?

Grégoire tells: FFKP do not want to back financially as previous years. FFKP is going more in the direction to be umbrella organisation where people arrange stuff. FFKP will negotiate on terms with stakeholders based on today's discussion. Skymandr states: Full confidence in Leif-Jöran as sole risk holder whatever way it is done even with a small profit for taking the risk.

    • DECISION: Everyone if fine with Leif-Jöran being sole stakeholder.

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    • Oliver P Suggests to raise early bird price with 50 SEK. No decision.
  • Next meeting
    • DECISION: Monday September 3rd kl 17:30 Edit:edit.