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== Date tests ==
== Date tests ==
[[Has date:: 2014]]
[[Has date:: 2014]]
[[Has date:: 2014-03]]
[[Has date:: 2014]-05-06]
* [[Has date::Feb 11 2000 10:00:01]] (complete date with time)
* [[Has date::Feb 11 2000 10:00:01]] (complete date with time)

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This is a test...

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Date tests

2014 2014-03 [[Has date:: 2014]-05-06]

My ToDoList

Defined inTaskAssigned toDeadline
Ninth planning meeting 2012Grégoire bring back discussion to FFKP and come back with negotiationable terms after their board meeting August 27th.Grégoire
Seventh planning meeting 2012Ask last years responsible person about reception. Negative answer received. Continues looking.Grégoire
Seventh planning meeting 2012Ask Rikard or on org mailing list about coordinating security aspectGrégoire
Thirteenth planning meeting 2012Send request to the aspects on number of volunteers they need.Grégoire
Thirteenth planning meeting 2012Print posters and send mail this being the final version for those that want to print it themselves.Grégoire
WorkMeeting/2014-09-29The harddrives used for storing video need to be assessed and readied for new useGrégoire
WorkMeeting/2014-10-27Add the missing three sponsors/partners to the homepageGrégoire