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Mailing list: web ML

Sample areas of responsibilities:

  • Drupal/django
    • e.g. on-line registration form
  • Design
  • Site editor
  • Graphics
  • We have a suggestion to make the making of our FSCONS web page a P2P University course. We need a coordinator for that!

Team's ToDo list

Completed ToDos

Defined inTaskTeam
ExecutionTeam TaskListCreate a dummy schedule to have something with basic times (start, end, lunches, keynote, lightning etc) on the webWebTeam
ExecutionTeam TaskListWrite a blog post about how awesome FSCONS isWebTeam
Meeting 2011-04-18Setup a separate blog for FSCONSWebTeam
Meeting 2011-06-08A public voting page, including all the proposed keynote speakers, should be hacked together before Friday the 17th of June.WebTeam
Meeting 2011-06-22Split sponsorship/partner page in two sections ("current" and "previous") sponsorsWebTeam
Meeting 2011-06-22META: in the wiki, if the ticket is assigned to a team, there should be a space between the message and the teamWebTeam
Meeting 2011-06-22Create a staff page on the main web page. It should contain the following items: photo, name, team involvement, blogs and microblogs, contact page, telephone, biography, physical locationWebTeam
Meeting 2011-08-15Coordinate speaker names publication with LjoWebTeam
Meeting 2011-08-15Speaker names on website by week 34WebTeam
Meeting 2011-09-12Port old "practical information" pages to this years fscons.org siteWebTeam
Meeting at FFKP 2011-05-24Add coupons handling to the registration page and generate couponsWebTeam
Meeting at FFKP 2011-08-04Give every track manager an account so they can edit their sessionsWebTeam
Meeting at FFKP 2011-08-04Add a data type for "Intended Audience" to the session data typeWebTeam
Rikard To Others Todo listWebTeam
Volunteer procedureCreate staff page with name, nick, photo, bio, etc.WebTeam

Ideas scratchbook

Mobile apps: reuse FOSDEM stuff http://archive.fosdem.org/2011/schedule_is_mobile

Use South for django database migrations: http://south.aeracode.org/docs/index.html