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After having signed up to become a volunteer (see GetInvolved) you will be assigned a "mentor" from the FSCONS administration who will send you an email (if you contact us in some other way, we will ask you for an email address) to set up an individual introductory meeting (via phone or chat).

The meeting will follow a rather basic script to get some data from you along with a "feel" for what type of person you are.

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This is so that the mentor can make more well-informed suggestions about where you might fit the best.

One of the questions here will be wether or not you can help out with stuff before the conference, in which case you will also be offered a <volunteer_name>@fscons.org email alias (which will expire some time before FSCONS 2012)

If you so wish, you will also be added to the staff page on the fscons.org website.

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Finally the "mentor" will add you to the org@fscons.org mailing list and, in case you can help out before the conference, direct you to ToDo list.

If you find a task which seems fun, you can claim it, but for that you need an account on the wiki. If you are unfamiliar with wikis, get back in touch with your mentor and s/he will help you.

If there is a task which seems fun, but daunting, or already claimed by someone else, you could still show interest in doing it, as you might be able to help out either way.

Your information on the web page

On the fscons.org web site we (will) have a page listing the staff.

To include you on the web page need the following information from you:

  • Name
  • (o) Nickname
  • (o) Short bio (140 characters at most)
  • Email address
  • Photo (at least 200x200)
  • (o) Blog
  • (o) Microblog
  • (o) Physical location (city, country)

(o) means optional

Your own fscons.org address

While working as a volunteer for FSCONS we will provide you with an fscons.org email address. This is a "forward account", which means that we do not store the emails you get to the fscons.org address but forward them to an email account of yours.

We also provide you with an mail server for sending email.

To provide you with an email account we need the following information from you:

  • Name
  • Preferred name in the email account (the characters before fscons.org, e g allan.pettersson (@fscons.org))
  • Email account where to forward all emails coming to your fscons.org account

The email address is valid until half a year after FSCONS.

Email client set up will be provided asap. We decided no to do this for this year, due to lack of time and man power on the server admin team for FFKP. Later, maybe!

What you get as a volunteer for FSCONS

  • You get to take part of making the largest and oldest conference on free software, free culture and a free society in the Nordic countries shape and happen
  • You get to know and interact with a lot of interesting and great people
  • You get work experience doing voluntary work for a non-profit organization
  • You get an insurance during the conference (needs more explanation)

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  • You'll get a walk-through of the venue and an introduction on the conference and venue
  • You get contacts valuable for your future career
  • You get to attend FSCONS the hours you are not working
  • You get food and coffee during the conference week-end