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For 2012, I'm taking a step back from organising the FSCONS but I will be available for answering questions from the new team of organisers. For instance regarding the Venue aspect (which I was coordinating in 2009, 2010, and, 2011). Also the Accessibility track where I'd be glad to help, assist, and give input based on the experience I have from previous years.

Contact me: rikard at ffkp DOT se

My TODOs: (created like this {{todolist|assignedTo=Rikard}} )

These should be transfered to someone actively organising the conference or deleted.

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My Completed ToDos

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Defined inTaskTeam
Execution Team Meeting 2011-09-19Check cleaning suppliesVenueTeam
Fourth Planning meeting 2012Add point to next meeting: better aspects descriptions to attract potential coordinators
Fourth Planning meeting 2012Add a “policy” aspect to the list with ljo as first coordinator
Fourth Planning meeting 2012Add point to next meeting: set up deadlines to find all coordinators
Meeting 2011-06-08Draft a proposal for volunteer training courses
Meeting 2011-06-22Send the Nokia applications to the org list for reviewCommunicationTeam
Meeting 2011-06-22Send out the Call for ParticipationProgrammeTeam
Meeting 2011-06-22Add note to next meeting agenda that people can join in on the meeting remotely
Meeting 2011-08-03Communicate with andreas about updating the poster
Meeting 2011-08-15Get proposal for sign interpretation of talks
Meeting 2011-08-15Promote publications of speakersCommunicationTeam
Meeting 2011-09-12Make table on this wiki with a list of volunteer requests so that we can follow up on those emails
Meeting 2011-09-26Put Hugo and Jonas in contact for discussing production of booklet
Meeting 2011-09-26Remind hesa to put the pdf's with posters up, notify org ML

Rikard To Others Todo list

I've helped out with FSCONS the following years: