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You need to be an Administrator in order to delete users.

MediaWiki doesn't support the deletion of user accounts out of the box, but I've added a module called "UserMerge" that will do the trick.


  1. Open up UserMerge in a fresh tab.
  2. Open up the list of users in another tab, sort by creation date, and go to "Last" to get the list of most recent user registrations.
  3. Look for suspiciously looking user names, e.g. "Faac12Fe".
  4. Open such users pages in a fresh tab in your favorite browser
  5. Check that there isn't a presentation on that page describing who this really is
  6. Check this user's contributions (link in toolbox to the left saying "Contributions")
    1. If there are indeed valid contributions, leave a message on the user's talk page asking that the user writes a presentation on the user page
  7. If no description or contribution is present, copy the user name and click "Block user" (in toolbox to the left)
  8. On the block user page, choose "Infinite" as expiry for this user
  9. Check "Other reason" and enter a reason such as "Bot registration" in the textfield
  10. Keep default checkbox selections and press "Block user"
  11. Switch to the UserMerge tab and paste in the user name as "Old user"
  12. Enter "Anonymous" as new user to merge with
  13. Check "Delete old user"
  14. Press "Merge user"
  15. Repeat steps with next user in the user list page