Meeting 2011-09-26

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A planning meeting with all teams and members




  • Should we ask for rebates from SAS, Hostels, Train companies etc as we did previous year(s)?
  • Quick status update for tracks - speakers, confirmations etc.
  • Question: What tasks are up for grabs?
  • Jonas: exec has met and will meet again, also doing a walkthrough of the venue.


  • A question was posed from one of the newer volunteers Question: What tasks are up for grabs?
  • Answer: the work can be divided chronologically into planning (what needs to be done), execution (what happens during the actual week-end), and, PostConf (summarizing how the conference went, processing the videos and other materials produced during the conference, questionnaire from the participants etc)
  • Jonas:, conference manager and execution team coordinator informed that the execution team has met (see meeting agenda) and will meet again, also doing a walk-through of the venue some time near the conference week-end.
  • TODO: Template:Trim (ExecutionTeam)
  • Information: We'll have generic t-shirts and stitch-on badges for "year"
  • Hesa informed that posters has been put up, we need more posters and volunteers to put them up at various places
  • Decision: User:Skymandr has unlimited printing/copying quota and can help printing posters
  • TODO: Template:Trim

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