Meeting 2011-04-18

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FSCONS Planning meeting at IRC #fscons @ Apr 18, 2011 at 13:00.


IRC #fscons @


  • Wiki permission changes
  • How we are doing, according to Trac
  • Website content planning
  • Keysigning session

Alternative ways of joining the meeting, if you can't make it in person

Contact us at info[AT] and ask for alternative ways of joining the meeting. Normally we'll have an IRC chat room going. You can read more about IRC here. Probably we'll add a phone line also, so that you may join via phone. More info on that to come, but please contact us for more information.


Org Meeting
Place:IRC #fscons @

  • Rikard informed about the permission changes on the planning Wiki for the conference. Now there's more need for an account in order to edit and create new pages.
  • Rikard went through the Trac issues and outlined what's completed and what still needs to be done for the milestones
    • Henrik gives an update on what the program responsible does: CFP, organising the schedule, etc
    • Serengeti is interested in organising a track this year too.
    • Discussion on the groups, the composition:
      • The groups listed on the wiki should be seen more as an ideal structure, which we would like to have
    • Grégoire gives an update of the web
      • Discussion on having a voting system for proposed talks. Henrik raise a concern that some speakers might not want to be public about their proposal. This should be dealt with if we do a system for voting.
      • We must be clear on how we accept talks into the program. The voting should be a community feedback to the program group, but it's not decisive, ie. the program group can make other decisions that go against the community feedback if called for.


  • DECISION: We divide the program into tracks, with each track having a responsible and the overall CFP, schedule, etc organised by the program responsible.
  • DECISION: The track managers together in a meeting has veto power by single majority on specific sessions.
  • DECISION: We should organise a community feedback voting procedure on the web together with the CFP.
    • The voting should take place after the deadline of the CFP
  • DECISION: Assistant/Interns are a way of getting more people involved. We'll try to implement this to allow people who don't want to shoulder an entire group to still help out.
  • DECISION: Serengeti should be invited to organise a track.
  • DECISION: FSFE should be invited to organise a track.
  • DECISION: The embedded team of 2010 should be invited to organise a track.
  • DECISION: We should setup a separate blog for FSCONS. TODO: Template:Trim (WebTeam)
  • DECISION: We should setup a org@ mailing list with everyone involved actively in FSCONS and having a role in its execution.
  • Next meeting: 2011-05-02 @ Gnutiken 16:00