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IRC basics

What IRC is

We use a chat tool called IRC. In IRC you can have a "channel" which is like a room where people can meet and talk.

FSCONS IRC address and channel

Check in at our IRC chat channel #fscons on - information here and if you don't have an IRC client, there's a webchat thing here (choose a nickname and enter "fscons" without the quotes for channel name). This is where meetings will take place, according to our preliminary planning. Try it and say hello! There are people there who will be able to answer questions and help you get started with using IRC. (We will also have physical meetings sometime further on.)

More help on IRC

Telecomix describes IRC like this:

IRC is an old protocol that has been used for internet activism since the very start in the late eighties. A general way of thinking about IRC is that you are connected to servers and on each server there are channels.

To use IRC you need a client application. Of course there is a huge variety of applications ready for free download. We recommend that you use Chatzilla, MiRC or irssi (for advanced users). By clicking on the links, you will be directed to tutorials on how to install and use them.

Source: WeRebuild WiKi

There is also a Tutorial in Swedish

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