Meeting 2011-05-02

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FSCONS Planning meeting at Gnutiken May 16, 2011 at 16:00 -- 18:00.



  • Gnutiken Web.
  • Map
  • Address: Övre Husargatan 27, Near Linnéplatsen, Göteborg


Alternative ways of joining the meeting, if you can't make it in person

Contact us at info[AT] and ask for alternative ways of joining the meeting. Normally we'll have an IRC chat room going. You can read more about IRC here. Probably we'll add a phone line also, so that you may join via phone. More info on that to come, but please contact us for more information.


Org Meeting

  • Overall theme for the conference

Discussion about the overall theme of the conference. Two years ago we had the overall theme "The Road Ahead in the Nordic Countries", but last year we didn't have any significant overall theme for the conference as a whole. It was decided that the new Manifesto for the conference in itself should set the frame for the content of the tracks in the conference.

DECISION: We should build the conference around the manifesto, with a tag line. The starting point is "FSCONS - Society, culture and technology". This is open for revision if someone comes up with a better idea at a later point. DECISION: We will put the Manifesto on a big wall and allow people to comment on it during the conference, as well as present it during the Friday evening in its first draft.

  • Keynote speakers for the conference

We want to look at deciding keynote speakers at the next meeting. Until then, we should allow people to comment on and submit ideas for keynote speakers.

DECISION: (Rikard) To make this public with a blog post and tweet and allow everyone to come up with ideas for keynote speakers in the Keynote Speakers wiki page before the next meeting. Deadline 15th of May.

  • Blog

Rikard explained the preliminary work that has been done on setting up a blog separately from to keep the regular updates. This is available at

DECISION: We will keep this blog as a separate blog with the regular updates from the organisation.

  • Big Blue Button conference tool

Rikard presented the Big Blue Button as a conferencing tool that we might make use of. It's web based and was tested briefly during the meeting.

DECISION: (Ljo) Will install an alternative to Big Blue Button, so that we can test it during some meeting.

  • Web pages

Greg introduced COD that we have built the new FSCONS web site on.

  • CFP

DECISION: (Rikard+Jonas) Update the CFP from last year and send it to LJO for distribution.

DECISION: CFP should open by the 20th of May

DECISION: CFP should end by the 30th of June

  • Tracks

DECISION: (Rikard) Tweet/dent/blog about tracks and invite people to submit ideas for tracks, deadline 15th of May

  • Misc points

DECISION: Potential collaboration with Öredev regarding speakers on accessability for embedded. The connection will be made with Henrik to see how it will fit into the embedded track.

DECISION: Henrik informed about the ideas for a free software conference in Stockholm come spring 2012. He will keep the contacts with the organisers to look at potential collaborations.

DECISION: Sfbok might be interested in partnership if the tracks can be made to work somehow. Regarding the cost of Cory, please refer to this article.