Intro meeting script

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When calling (or chatting with) a new volunteer, this is the proposed script to use when doing the interview/introduction.

  • Present yourself and why you are calling
  • Describe the mentor concept and let the volunteer know you will be his/her mentor
  • Ask where he/she first heard of FSCONS (please take notes)
  • Describe the various phases where one could volunteer; Preparations, Execution, Post-Conf wrap-up
  • Ask if they already know where and when they would like to help out
  • Ask for contact details
  • Describe the mailing list (org) and inform that she/he will be added there
  • Mention that you will mail the org list and introduce him/her there
  • Inform about the planning being documented on a public wiki
  • Ask he/she if he/she can meet with you (just before next planning meeting), if needed, so that concepts like FSCONS, wiki, mailing lists and free software is introduced. This meeting can be personal and take place at a café for instance. You may then go to the actual planning meeting together.
  • If he/she is familiar with wikis, kindly ask that he/she creates an account and writes a short introduction on the user home page
  • Give your contact information so that she/he can contact you as his/her mentor when questions arise
  • Ask politely why they chose to be a volunteer, and a bit of background information (what experiences does (s)he have etc)