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Aspect list

Aspect Coordinator Objectives Responsibilities
Accessibility aspect 2012 Investigate and make a plan for increasing the conference accessibility. Communicate this across all aspects.
  • Coordinate with other area to improve the overall accessibility of the conference.

(ex: web, registration, cfp, hardware, policy...) Grégoire works with an accessibility pledge for speakers.

Budget Leif-Jöran
  • Coordinate requests for budget
  • Attendance fees & targets
  • Sponsorship levels
  • Communication with the FFKP board regarding the budget
Café 2012 Anton & My
  • Cover food and drink supplies requirement
  • Increase social interaction
  • Contribute to social activities
  • Purchases for the café
  • Sales planning
  • Furnishing of café area
  • Preparing the area for the social events
FFKP ljo+greg
  • Ensure that there's a flow of communication between the FFKP board and FSCONS planning
  • Ensure that communication about the organisation of the conference, including the role of the FFKP, is kept consistent and relevant
  • Ensure that a yearly meeting is planned during the conference
Hardware Klondike
  • Recording of talks
  • Laptops and other hw
  • Electricity
  • Wireless accounts
  • Wired connections
  • Streaming
  • Sound systems
Policies ljo+skymandr Ensure policies are met
Programme Ljo
  • Ensure that a program is filled with topics that are current and interesting, within and between the fields of technology, society and culture, as per the manifesto.
  • Ensure that external organisations coordinating tracks are kept informed of discussed in the organisation and is able to contribute their thinking.
  • Themes
  • Tracks
  • Keynotes
  • Communication with other orgs to organise tracks
  • Scheduling
  • Preparation and evaluation of CFP
  • Conference booklet
Promotion Oliver (previously Henrik)
  • Create promotional material (poster, flyers, stickers, a giant balloon?)
  • Organize dissemination of the material (stapling posters, distributing flyers in other conferences, hijack the national television to display an FSCONS commercial?)
  • Communicate on social networks
  • Ads in magazines
  • Blog regularly about new speakers, sessions, etc
  • Create a short bumper that can be played on podcasts (hackerpublicradio.org, radiogamer.se, slashat.se, aiit.se/radio, etc)
  • Information desk
  • Wardrobe
Sponsors Oliver
  • Contacting sponsors
  • Follow-up with thank-yous
Social Alireza & Evelina
  • Plan social events
Staffing Leif-Jöran & Grégoire
  • Recruit, contact and keep track of the staff incl contact addresses
  • Create an overall staffing schedule for the conference
  • Organise staff walk-through
  • Organise a staff room during the conference
  • Organise the conference management
  • Planning and performing the post-conf survey
  • Soliciting comments during the conference
  • Planning of furnishing
  • Furnishing during the conference
  • Cleanup
Web & Infrastructure Grégoire
  • Overall web site
  • Program and schedule
  • Registration system
  • Infrastructure for blogs, press releases, etc.
  • Registration procedure/form
  • Attendee badges
  • Online Payments

Deprecated aspects

Aspect Coordinator Objectives Responsibilities
Security aspect 2012 Investigate and make a plan for ensuring the conference safety and security. Communicate this across all aspects.
  • Plan the emergency plan and inform staff and participants about it