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General information

An individual or organisation can organise one or more tracks during FSCONS. In order to do this, you need to contact the programme manager with a proposition and also adhere to the FSCONS Manifesto and policies. You can see how the work with planning the conference is divided on the aspects page.

Please not that this document is a work-in-progress so facts and numbers here may change during slightly during the remaining planning of FSCONS 2012.

If your track is accepted you can expect the following from the FSCONS organisers:


FSCONS sets aside a budget of 4000 SEK (maximum) for each track (except Wikimedia, Webscience, FSFE which all fully fund their tracks), to cover expenses (mostly travel and lodging for speakers). We hope to see you, as a track organiser, to raise as much money for the track yourself as possible. If you raise part of the budget of 4000 SEK, that is also very appreciated, and FSCONS would then cover the other costs up to a total of 4000 SEK (including the money you raise). You may seek sponsors for your track as long as they seem to meet the spirit of FSCONS as outlined in the FSCONS Manifesto. If you are not sure, please contact the programme manager.

Size of a track

One track, historically means a total of six sessions during one day of the conference, in a dedicated room. Three sessions of 30 minutes, and three sessions of 45 minutes. This includes the questions and answers section. Please note that this can change slightly but it will not change a lot from this rough outline.

Guidelines and policies

In order to host or organise a track at FSCONS, you need to meet the spirit of the conference and its policies. You may read the FSCONS Manifesto here, and also please take a look at the Anti-harassment policy. We have a limited number of tracks each year and try to find something that ties the tracks together thematically, or at least to have the total sum of tracks cover the scope of FSCONS - free software, free society and free culture.

Co-organisers will be visible

As a track organiser, you will be listed as an FSCONS co-organiser on the web site.

Time frames

We usually send out a call for participation (CFP) during late May where we ask for speakers for the conference. If you have been accepted as a track organiser and have input for the wording of the CFP, we need this no later than by May 15th. By the middle of August, we need a rough status for your track in terms of how you have managed to fill all six sessions etc. The final, complete and confirmed program for your track must be communicated to us by the middle of September. We need in the middle of September: Speaker name, speaker biography, speaker contact information, topic title and short description (preferably including intended audience), video recorded yes/no, accessible yes/no for each session. We also need a final name and byline for your track and a description of it. These are dates that may change slightly but they correspond well for the previous years and should be a good estimate for your planning.

Keep us informed

As a track organiser, you should have a dialog with the Programme manager throughout the planning before the conference. You can see how the work with planning the conference is divided on the aspects page, where you will also find the Programme Aspect contact persons.