FSCONS 2013 Aspects

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This is the aspect list for 2013. All aspect members should be listed. Responsible members are in bold text.

Aspect list

Aspect Coordinator Objectives Responsibilities
Accessibility Tab, Grégoire, Andreas Investigate and make a plan for increasing the conference accessibility. Communicate this across all aspects.
  • Coordinate with other area to improve the overall accessibility of the conference.

(ex: web, registration, cfp, hardware, policy...) Grégoire works with an accessibility pledge for speakers.

Budget Leif-Jöran, Stian
  • Coordinate requests for budget
  • Attendance fees & targets
  • Sponsorship levels
  • Communication with the FFKP board regarding the budget
Café Stian, Tab, Martin
  • Cover food and drink supplies requirement
  • Increase social interaction
  • Contribute to social activities
  • Purchases for the café
  • Sales planning
  • Furnishing of café area
  • Preparing the area for the social events
Hardware Dion, Grégoire, Martin, Ein, Reem
  • Recording of talks
  • Laptops and other hw
  • Electricity
  • Wireless accounts
  • Wired connections
  • Streaming
  • Sound systems
Policies Andreas, Leif-Jöran Ensure policies are met
Programme Stian, Leif-Jöran, Thomas
  • Ensure that a program is filled with topics that are current and interesting, within and between the fields of technology, society and culture, as per the manifesto.
  • Ensure that external organisations coordinating tracks are kept informed of discussed in the organisation and is able to contribute their thinking.
  • Themes
  • Tracks
  • Keynotes
  • Communication with other orgs to organise tracks
  • Scheduling
  • Preparation and evaluation of CFP
  • Conference booklet
Promotion Oliver, Stian, Grégoire
  • Create promotional material (poster, flyers, stickers, a giant balloon?)
  • Organize dissemination of the material (stapling posters, distributing flyers in other conferences, hijack the national television to display an FSCONS commercial?)
  • Communicate on social networks
  • Ads in magazines
  • Blog regularly about new speakers, sessions, etc
  • Create a short bumper that can be played on podcasts (hackerpublicradio.org, radiogamer.se, slashat.se, aiit.se/radio, etc)
  • Information desk
  • Wardrobe
  • Plan social events
Sponsors Oliver, Stian
  • Contacting sponsors
  • Follow-up with thank-yous
Staffing Chayi Fan
  • Recruit, contact and keep track of the staff incl contact addresses
  • Create an overall staffing schedule for the conference
  • Organise staff walk-through
  • Organise a staff room during the conference
  • Organise the conference management
Survey Grégoire Andreas
  • Planning and performing the post-conf survey
  • Soliciting comments during the conference
Venue Leif-Jöran, Grégoire, Andreas
  • Planning of furnishing
  • Furnishing during the conference
  • Cleanup
Web & Infrastructure Grégoire, Dion, Martin
  • Overall web site
  • Program and schedule
  • Registration system
  • Infrastructure for blogs, press releases, etc.
  • Registration procedure/form
  • Attendee badges
  • Online Payments