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List of responsibilities for the Policies Aspect 2013 (from the Aspects-list):

  • Update the Manifesto based on comments and suggestions from the participants of yesteryear
  • Likewise update Anit-harassment policy (May not be necessary 2013)
  • Coordinate with Accessibility aspect (there was a decision not to have a committee for accessibility, but the different sections from that page is linked to, from various relevant "aspect pages")
  • Ensure that volunteers are aware of the policies, and that information is readily accessible for participants

Current Policies Spectres are ljo and skymandr.


  • Collect what comments there may be from 2012 (e.g. from Survey, Evaluation 2012, and from Open Manifesto)
  • Write a proposal for updated manifesto in Manifesto


  • Write a status report

Status Report 2012

From the comments of 2011, 11 (appropriately) remain to be dealt with. The reason for this is that they mostly dealt with broad and structural changes that there was no time to discuss before the conference. From 2012 there were very few (if any) concrete suggestions, but this does in no way mean that the Manifesto is as good a document as it could and should be.

Key areas that need attention:

  1. As many of the comments of 2011 noted, Goals, Approaches and Metrics are in some cases very mixed up. Straightening this out will likely be the most time-consuming task, but is likely also the most important, since it deals with the utility of the document as such.
  2. The Manifesto contains brief summaries of previous years' conferences. Such an entry for 2012 needs to be written.
  3. The language of the document is generally good, but in some places clarifications and rephrasing is needed, in order to make the intent clearer (see also comment here: Talk:FSCONS_Manifest ).

The aim is to have a first draft proposal ready before the summer, and to have a (more or less) finished draft at about the time when the registration opens.

--Skymandr 14:04, 22 April 2013 (UTC)