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Overall responsibilities


Name Track manager Track number Track description Confirmed talks
Welcome to Dystopia Stian 1 We are increasingly forming our societies in ways that fits our classic dystopic visions from earlier days. Surveillance everywhere, laws that intrude on our integrity and services that we sell it to. How bad is it, and what can we do about it?
Language and Technology Thomas, EFN 2
TBA Johnny, Gothenburg Hackerspace 3
Visions & concrete examples for a just and sustainable economy Dan-Eric, Medlemsbanken JAK - a cooperative interest free bank. 4 We will try to inform about examples of sustainable economy and some of the wide range of sub-topics it touches. Alternative currencies, could this be a solution, what is money anyway? Improved democracy in organizations and nations, something JAK intend to implement. What is the problem about interest? And how to we organize an economy in a post-GDP growth society?
Gotta Catch 'Em All! avtobiff, Serengeti 5 No one is free until everyone is free!

This track aims to gain access to groups not really targeted by existing and conventional free software groups. The goal is to inspire people early on to demand freedom, tinker, and self-organize learning.

Everyone is welcome but especially targeted are kids, parents, educational areas, and related movements and organisations.

Administering the Revolution Smári McCarthy / Bjarni Runar Einarsson, FSFÍ 6 Getting people who work on tech support for revolutions (or near-revolutions) to talk about their techniques, their politics, their work, their inspirations, and stories from the front lines.
Trust is good, control is better. Technologies for people – not for Big Brother! Ilkka Lehtinen, COSS 7 We showcase an interesting set of technologies that are built according to the true free software way. By implementing systems that are built this way, users can be in control of their systems.

In addition, the following organisations have been requested to contribute with a track:

  • Wikipedia