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Work Meeting
Date:2014-10-13 18:00

Advertisment, sponsorship, promotion

Oliver gave a status report. The promotion teem has tweeted about the conference with good results, and ads have been sent to Linux Magazine for publication on their homepage. Oliver requests an up to date version of the logo for use in promotional material. Sponsors have been added to the homepage, and have contacted approximately seven potential sponsors, including previous sponsors. The treasurer reports that we don't strictly speaking need more sponsors to meet the budget, but that more would definitely help.

Early bird tickets

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Up-to-date Logotype

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Promote social programme

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Promote article in Computer Sweden

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Promote volunteering

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Andreas and Tab have coordinated statistics for the café.


Leif-Jöran has met with Tam about the volunteers. They will keep working on it.

Add link to volunteer sign-up to web page

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There is an email address Tam has access to.

Give the Volunteers team access to volunteers (at)

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Manifesto (Policy Committé)

The manifesto has yet to be typeset.

Print manifesto

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Hardware team

Nicholas reports that most thins are already in place, hardware wise. Some things regarding lighting may be procured, but nothing that will break the budget.


Sign up has slowed down a little. We need to promote the conference -- in particular early-bird tickers -- further to meet the attendance goals. Leif-Jöran suggests that we set timed deadline for early-bird tickets instead of ta maximum number, in order to get some help from artifical scarcity-effects in promotion.

Conference Programme

Programme is mostly filled, excepting some slots that we are keeping as backup or don't expect/plan to fill.

Sleeping quarters

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Next meeting

Next meeting will be on 27/10 at 18.00 at Språkbanken. Aspects will coordinate extra meetings with involved parties as necessary.