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Instructions for volunteers

Please read the appropriate pages from the Volunteer information if you are a participate as a volunteer. The sheet with instructions for setting up rooms can be found here: https://wiki.fscons.org/File:Room_setup_guidelines.pdf

Room Hosts, please read Tips for room hosts.

For volunteers handling cameras, please read our Camera guidelines and Videos/Filming.

Work groups, aspects and committees

If you want to join the planning team, please send an e-mail to stian at fripost.org.

General ideas for FSCONS 2016 can be added to FSCONS 2016 ideas


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BoardMeeting/2016-03-3131 March 2016Språkbanken
YearlyMeeting/2016-04-099 April 2016 14:00:00Språkbanken
BoardMeeting/2016-04-099 April 2016 18:00:00Wrapped Burrito Bar
BoardMeeting/2016-07-066 July 2016 16:00:00IRC
BoardMeeting/2016-08-3030 August 2016 16:00:00IRC
BoardMeeting/2017-01-3030 January 2017 17:00:00IRC