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Camera policy

Most of the sessions at FSCONS will be filmed. While we try to keep the participants in the audience out of frame, we cannot guarantee that you will not be captured on film.

On a similar note, please be considerate about taking photos and films of your own during the conference: it never hurts to ask permission first, and you might make a new acquaintance by doing so.

To think about for camera operators and photographers

  • If you are filming a session, try to keep the speaker and their slides in frame. Try not to capture too much of the audience, both out of respect for your fellow participants integrity, and because it doesn't make for very exciting viewing. Observe these guidelines also during the question session that follows most talks: avoid capturing the participant asking the question, keep the camera on the speaker and the presentation!
  • If you are taking pictures of individual participants at the conference, please try to ask their consent and if they are ok with being published online if applicable. This does not apply to the same extent to group shots or shots of the crowd, but if you are unsure, it is probably better to ask.