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You can reach Nahid via e-mail at <code>nahid{{@}}ffkp.se</code>.
You can reach Nahid via e-mail at <code>nahid{{@}}ffkp.se</code>.
== Jonas Öberg (Jonas) ==
Jonas has worked with the conference since its inception in 2007. His work for 2012 focus on the program as well as thinking about what the conference could look like in 2013.
'''Vision for the conference & future'''
FSCONS has always been a conference that seeks to bring people from different disciplines together. We're not afraid of conflicts but instead see it as a goal to diffuse the tension between various groups and to encourage dialogue, as it's in the cognitive conflicts encountered when two people of opposing views meet that progress is made in their thinking.
For myself, I hope that 2012 will be the year when the conference participants take charge not only of the conference, but of the organisation behind it. After this years conference, I would like to take a step back and allow a new board to take shape, where I can participate to help with my experience and expertise where needed, but where others can lead the conference into its next 5 years.
You can reach Jonas via e-mail at <code>jonas{{@}}ffkp.se</code>.
== Rikard Fröberg ([[User:Rikard|Rikard]])==
Rikard has been working with the conference since 2009. Last year, Rikard organised a track, "Universal Design - Aiming for Accessibility" in which different topics touching upon technology and accessibility were presented. This year (2012) Rikard will take a step back and will primarily be available for the organisers for giving feedback and advice, while not actively working with the planning of the conference.
'''Vision for the conference'''
My vision is that the conference continues to evolve in a way that allows for the - in my opinion - unique touch is has had so far, in that it is a conference where the meetings between the participants are as natural and important as the rest of the program. I aim for the conference to keep up its work with bringing different views and perspectives together so that fruitful dialogs may take place.
For me, it is also important and an exciting challenge to develop the conference in order to make it more accessible. For 2012, I am looking at the accessibility aspect of the conference, and last year I was also part of the work with making the conference more accessible.
I'd be glad to assist anyone in the organising team or any aspect who has questions on accessibility or just wants to discuss the topic.
I hope that the organisers will continue to try and pick up comments and suggestions from the participants and staff, so that the conference keeps improving each year.
You can reach Rikard via e-mail at <code>rikard{{@}}ffkp.se</code>.
== Anton Shumeika ([[User:Anton|Anton]])==
== Anton Shumeika ([[User:Anton|Anton]])==

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Please meet the FSCONS 2012 organisers! Each organiser is looking at one or more of the various aspects of the conference. If you want to help out somewhere, either during the organisation or as a staff during the conference days, please contact one of the organisers and they will help you out.

If you want to organise one track (six sessions on one day) as a co-organiser, please read this page.

Your name here?


Vision for the conference & future Contact You can reach ??? via e-mail at ???Template:@???.??.

Nahid Vafaie (Nahid)


Nahid has been working with the conference since 2011. Last year, Nahid was a volunteer helping with the execution team.

Vision for the conference & future

FSCONS is a place that gathers people with different languages, cultures and perspectives but still with the same similarities and common ideas. It is an honor for me to be a part of this great event for the second year.


You can reach Nahid via e-mail at nahidTemplate:@ffkp.se.

Anton Shumeika (Anton)

Presentation Anton has been volunteering at FSCONS 2011 and enjoyed the experience. This experience led to joining the FSCONS 2012 organization committee to support the Cafe's infrastructure during the 2012 conference.

Vision I see FSCONS as social event where people with certain common interests interact, connect and generate ideas. I would love to play the role of facilitator and make the conference even more productive (in the way I see it).

Contact You can reach Anton via e-mail at shumeikaantonTemplate:@gmail.com.

Henrik Sandklef (Hesa)

Presentation Henrik has been volunteering at all FSCONS. Henrik is one of the founders of the conf.

Vision I want FSCONS to be a place to see great talks, get inspired and meet new people.

Contact You can reach Henrik via e-mail at hesaTemplate:@ffkp.se.

Leif-Jöran Olsson (ljo)

Presentation Leif-Jöran has been volunteering at all FSCONS conferences in different roles. This year he is in charge of budget, programme and policies.

Vision I want FSCONS to be open in atmosphere, aware on policies and participant-driven.

Contact You can reach ljo via e-mail at ljoTemplate:@fripost.org.

Jeremiah C. Foster (jeremiah)

Medium officially me.jpg

Presentation Carbon based life form.
Vision for the conference & future Jeremiah has informally helped with conference organizing and has spoken at every FSCONS conference (and has the T-shirts to prove it!)
Contact You can reach me via e-mail at jeremiahTemplate:@jeremiahfoster.com.