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Anonymous aiga bar.svg Pub Meeting
Date:2014-01-27 19:00

First FSCONS pub meeting for 2014!

"I'm going...": User:Stian, User:OliverP, User:Grégoire, Skymandr (talk), User:Tabparr

A summary of First FSCONS pub meeting for 2014!

"The fowling list provides a summary of some of the things that were discussed at the meeting (Please feel free to add to the list)."

1) As suggested by Grégoire a central theme or word for each FSCONS meetings in order to generate a focus on key activities and ideas for FSCONS. One such example could be FSCONS WIKI or Marketing.

2) How do we generate more activity within the wiki? Create more content!! Create Templates that can be reused. Update the wiki and create guides that will help the organization of the next FSCONS conference easier for all.

3) Ideas on creating partnerships and networking with others. One concrete idea was having the FSCONS conference organization meetings at Hackerspace. In this way FSCONS will create a closer integration with a tech active group like Hackerspace.

4) Creating active marketing as well as passive marketing opportunities and maybe evaluate the effectiveness of the different types. Active marketing is more social media oriented like twitter, blogs and Passive is in the form of ads in magazines or websites. I noticed that FSCONS was represented in many of the social media services. This can be widened to other social media that FSCONS is not represented on e.g. Linkedin as there are many people that have mentioned FSCONS but we are not represented on Linkedin. Research the possibility of contacting radio or TV, Öppna Kanalen i Göteborg can be one possible channel. Are there any others?

5) Some tracks have been discussed eg. Oliver would like to have a web track with a focus on Mozilla.

6) Create an email list that is easy to use and available for those that need it. This will make communication easier.

7) Getting innovative and integrating the Maker Fair idea into FSCONS.

8) Do we need more technical tracks at FSCONS?