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Work Meeting
Date:2014-09-15 18:00


Stian informs the meeting of the necessity of finding someone to take responsibility for organising the cafeteria, ideally in time for next meeting.

Ask on the email list

{{todo|Ask on the email list for someone to take responsibility for the cafeteria |assignedTo=Stian}

Alcohol license

We need to apply for alcohol license for the venue. The cost for this is 1200 kr in course fees, and 500 kr plus 200 kr per day for the license, giving a total of 2300 kr.

ljo will apply for the license, and Stian will take the course to become "Alkoholansvarig"

{{todo|Apply for license|assignedTo=ljo} {{todo|Take course|assignedTo=Stian}

Social events

Stian informs the meeting that we still need someone responsible for the social events. Stian will try to find someone, and ask the list if he cannot.

Ask on the email list

{{todo|Ask for someone to take responsibility for the social events |assignedTo=Stian}

Conference programme

Stian informs the meeting that, since Monochrom have withdrawn with short notice, the programming languages track has been reinstatiated. We need to find more speakers. Open Space track is not in very good shape.

Find speakers for Programming languages track

{{todo|Send emails to Stian with suggestions of speakers for the Programming languages track |assignedTo=All}


The web-page is taking shape, but registration is still not up. This needs to be done ASAP.

Get registration working

{{todo|Get registration working on the homepage |assignedTo=Gregoire}


Oliver plans on starting to work on promotion together with User:Tam this week.

Item name, submitter/person responsible

todo item 1

todo item 2

todo item 3