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We'll meet up near the stairs on the ground floor at 13.00 on Friday 11-11-11 (Oliver, Nahid, Yohanes, Mihail, Navid, My, Rikard, Skymandr, Erik, Humayun, Michal), everybody in the venue team, please check your personal schedules sent out by Jonas for your exact times!

We'll then start with the registration/information/wardrobe area (since it's needed to be set up first), moving on to the café/social event area.

After that, we'll set up the different lecture rooms (floor 2: Room 1 - Keynotes, Lightning talks Free Software in Politics and Human Rights tracks. Room 2: Embedded and Acessibility tracks. floor 4: Rooms 3 and 4 - squares opposite side of the café rooms).

Areas of responsibilities:

Preparations for Information on site

  • Put up signs outside and in the building

Signs and posters

You can find backup files for the signs on this page.

Make registration/information/wardrobe desk

Set up café and social events area

  • Make social events rooms cosy and comfortable
  • Supply café with furniture for building the desks and bar
  • Make sure there are whiteboards, one for lightning talks sign-up, at least one for social events sign-up


  • Preparations for Furniture
  • Preparations for Supplies
  • Clean-up (after each day)
  • Material / Manual for clean-up, emergency, etc for the Execution Group
  • Safety - In case of emergency-plan (inclusive, regardless of participant capabilities) - Safety regulations, Safety information(accessible)

Times for venue team

Check your personal schedule for your times!

  • Fri 13.00 meetup, stairs floor 1 (ground floor)
  • Fri 13.00 -- 18.00 - Check, plan and move furniture according to needs
  • Fri 14.00 receive deliveries of kitchen machines, wardrobe, drinks etc
  • Fri 15.00 Put up signs with "FSCONS ->" around outside leading people from busses and ferries to the venue
  • Fri 16.00 - send someone to conf mgr Jonas and he'll instruct on how to get paper, towels etc for toilets
  • Fri 18.30 Place and light outside "candles"
  • Fri 23.00 Assist with cleaning up the café and social event areas

  • Sat 20:00 -- 22:00
    • Empty all trashbins for floors 2,4
    • Empty trashbins in toilets, refill paper + towels + soap(if availagle or ask the conf manager)
    • Tidy up all rooms for Sunday lectures (rooms 1-4) so they are ready for FSCONS Sunday
  • Sun 19.00 -- 21:00 Empty and remove trashbins for floor 2 (which should be evacuated by now!) Remove trash from toilets floor 2, restore all rooms on floor 2 to look like a university again
  • Sun 21:00 -- Mon 02:00
    • Finish restoring floor 2
    • Empty and remove trashbins from floor 4, start with rooms 3 and 4 (which should be emtpy now!), then kitchen/cafe
    • Coordinate the tear-down of the café/bar with the staff and manager
    • Restore seating areas and other furniture on floor 4
    • Activity ends when the whole venue is restored to the state it was on Friday morning - back to a university again, no signs of us being there ;-)

Accessibility aspects

  • Make sure that rooms for presentations have one larger empty row (like second or third row of chairs) allowing for wheelchairs including people passing through in front of them (a wheelchair is about a meter long)
  • Make sure that all kinds of counters have a lower section - we can't have only bar-height tables, including for payments, wardrobe, information desk and booths
  • Make sure that doors without door openers are either open or easily opened from a wheel-chair perspective
  • Don't put signs and information on doors - they should be at the side of doors
  • Make sure that rooms for café, lunch, social events allow for wheelchairs
  • Make sure accessible toilets are well marked and easy to find

Room bookings/requests

  • Lars A - Nordic Wiki Meeting - around five persons
  • PDF Readers Workshop (?)

Todo List