Preparations for Registration and welcoming

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Feedback and tips from former volunteers

  • Good if the volunteers at the reception are familiar with Gothenburg and Lindholmen
  • Good to have timetables for public transportation - Information on next bus to Gothenburg etc
  • Good to have a line map of the public transportation system, trams, busses etc (perhaps on wall and hand-outs)
  • Good to have general Västtrafik information on tickets for buses and trams
  • (Information on public transportation should also be on and perhaps the conference booklet)
  • Good to have a phone for calling taxis (or in case of emergency)
  • Better maps for the vicinity pointing out shops, cafes and restaurants etc
  • What about opening hours for e.g. Pizzeria Nemo? Could we get them to stay open a bit after 9PM?
  • A manned wardrobe was something many guests asked for
  • A closed staff room would be good so that the volunteers can leave their jackets etc
  • A computer at the desk would be great so that the staff can look up stuff for guests (what's the way to my hotel, when is the last bus to X, can I check my flight home etc etc)

Input from Rikard on accessibility

The desk for laying out the badges shouldn't be to high, also the counter should have a lower section.


Rikard mailed Go:teborg & Co and asked for maps over Gothenburg.


Hesa will pick up maps, Rikard has scanned västtrafik informations