Second planning meeting 2012

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Monday March 22, 2012, at 17.30


Chalmers - TBA - look here for more information soon. Grégoire will book a room somewhere at Chalmers Campus Johanneberg.


Add your input here!

  • Proposals for structure of 2012:
    • There should be two persons leading each team (Stian/Jonas)
    • Jonas & Rikard share PC lead (Jonas)
    • Grégoire & Nahid should lead web team :) (Jonas)
    • Jonas & Henrik should focus on 2013- (Jonas)
    • We should keep the concept of Conference Manager & Runner (Jonas)
    • Venue (layout and moving of furniture) needs better documentation and planning (Rikard)
    • We should keep up the work with accessibility (Rikard)
    • We should keep the two volunteer walk-through sessions with the volunteers (Rikard)
    • Should we view food and cafeteria as a separate unit from the execution? (Rikard)


Org Meeting
Place:CTH Johanneberg