Second planning meeting 2012

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Org Meeting
Place:CTH Johanneberg — Group room 3


I (Grégoire) took the liberty of reformatting the agenda and tried to keep the essence of all the propositions. I pasted the original in the discussion tab for reference.

  • New FFKP board: presentation and explanation (Jonas, Henrik, Rikard and Grégoire)
  • 2012 organisation
    • Lexicon proposal
      • Organizers: us, participate in org meetings and work during the year to organize the conference.
      • Staff: people who work during the conference. Organizers are also staff during the conference. The staff is divided in teams and roles. Those will be defined later.
      • team aspect: set of related tasks pertaining to the organization of the conference. This allows us to keep the term “team” for the staff teams (café, info-desk, hardware...)
      • team leader coordinator: person or people in charge of one aspect of the conference. The role of a coordinator is both to coordinate the work of everyone interested in the aspect and to coordinate with coordinator from other aspects related to the tasks at hand.
    • Thinks to keep from last year
      • Conference manager and runners
      • accessibility work
      • the two volunteer staff walk-through sessions
    • Things to change
      • teems aspect division (see below)
      • Two team leaders coordinators for each team aspect
      • Staff management (previously in execution)
        • can be done by each subteam
        • or by a staff coordinator?
      • We can replace "Execution" with "Infodesk", as that's the primary function remaining after separating café (Rikard/Jonas)

Proposal for subteams. The responsibilities of each subteam means that this is the responsibility of the team, but that the team still needs to communicate and seek approval for major decisions from the other leads. Leads should participate in the FSCONS meetings and report on progress or concerns.

Team Lead Responsibilities
Programme Jonas & Rikard
  • Themes
  • Tracks
  • Keynotes
  • Invitation of other orgs to organise tracks
  • Scheduling
  • Preparation and evaluation of CFP
  • Conference booklet
  • Planning of furnishing
  • Furnishing during the conference
  • Cleanup
Web Grégoire & Nahid
  • Overall web site
  • Program and schedule
  • Registration system
  • Blogs, press releases, regular updates, etc.
Hardware Patrik & Jonas
  • Recording of talks
  • Laptops and other hw
  • Electricity
  • Wireless accounts
  • Wired connections
Sponsors Oliver & ??
  • Contacting sponsors
  • Follow-up with thank-yous
Survey Nahid & ??
  • Planning and performing the post-conf survey
Café Anton & My
  • Purchases for the café
  • Staffing of the café
  • Sales planning
  • Furnishing of café area
Information Jonas & ???
  • Information desk
  • Wardrobe
Registration ???
  • Registration procedure
  • registration form (with the web team)
  • Attendee badges
Budget Leif-Jöran & Jonas
  • Coordinate requests for budget
  • Attendance fees & targets
  • Sponsorship levels
  • Communication with the FFKP board regarding the budget
Accessibility? Rikard?
  • coordinate with other area to improve the overall accessibility of the conference.

(ex: web, registration, cfp, hardware...)

  • Recruit, contact and keep track of the staff
  • create an overall staffing schedule for the conference
  • organize staff walk-through
  • create promotional material (poster, flyers, stickers, a giant balloon?)
  • organize dissemination of the material (stapling posters, distributing flyers in other conferences, hijack the national television to display an FSCONS commercial?)
  • communicate on social networks
  • adds in magazines
  • Create a short bumper that can be played on podcasts (,,,, etc)