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= Föreningen FSCONS =
= Föreningen FSCONS =
'''Offical association [https://fscons.org/foreningen/ documents]'''
You find the offical association '''[https://fscons.org/foreningen/ documents (by-laws, manifesto, agendas etc)]''' on the föreningen page.
= Keep Informed =
= Keep Informed =

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Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit

The Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (FSCONS) is a meeting place for social change, focused on the future of free technology, free culture and free society. The conference is a grass-roots event that encourages networking and dialogue, and everyone is invited to participate in the work.

Open discussion and brainstorming are two of the primary factors that pave the way for change. The conference seeks to engage, inform and motivate social change through these discussions. In addition, FSCONS will be a meeting place for the digital revolution, providing presentations, workshops and showrooms, as well as social events in the evenings. Due to the variety of participants from across the digital spectrum, the conference offers the opportunity to connect prospective partners to further the goal of free culture and free software.

The essential goal of FSCONS is expansion: expanding the accessibility of digital and technological information to everyone in the world; expanding the interest and promotion of free culture and free software; expanding the opportunities for all interested parties from around the globe to engage with others in hopes of changing the future of digital culture.


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Föreningen FSCONS

You find the offical association documents (by-laws, manifesto, agendas etc) on the föreningen page.

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