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LJO: The selectiveness of views in these notes should probably not be the only thing showing on this page since we had a lot of more meetings this year than these two.

  • Also the Swedish asssociation initiated the task force to came up with an action plan for sustainability for the yearly meeting.
  • The wiki was fixed in May after the upgrade.
  • And we agree, the publishing procedure is not optimal, but now we atleast have control of it especially since it was not documented last year (2018) either.
  • Frab will be fixed for when there will be a conference. It was fixed once for Stretch and will be for Buster too.

Follow up jitsy meet Aug 28th

Thomas, bittin and Kacper present.

Conditions for FSCONS2020 are the following:

  • new crew committed to creating FSCONS from outside existing organizers
  • create and agree on a plan with timeline and responsibilities at the start
  • fixing Frab

Action Points

  • Kacper will contact some individuals he knows that may be interested in organizing

(I encourage you to send personal calls for help organizing FSCONS2020 to any person you feel would be a good addition to the team)

  • Thomas will gain root access to frab and wiki, for archival and/or fixing purposes.
  • bittin will call a new meeting in mid September.

FSCONS 2019 has been cancelled on July 28th due to organizational problems.

  • people in orga did not contribute
  • people in orga did not respond to my let's cancel event
  • ergo, director is missing
  • or even, wrong people?
  • dedicated chief of marketing, program and sponsorship
  • fix infrastructure (WIKI first! then HOWTO edit webpage)
  • wiki should contain and support the plan

asked: who here would like to go ahead with fscons 2019 > bittin: maybe smaller event, otherwise postpone > [ rest agrees to postpone event ]

johanna: > concrete responsibilities, > concrete target communities

thomas: > needs a plan to re-organize that will make the organization stronger

skymandr: > orga envisions larger network of people > too big a suite for the low amount of people.

kacper: > can invite people to join orga from other countries

skymandr: > https://wiki.fscons.org/FSCONS_2013_Aspects > use this as a example for division of labour

kacper: > we need specific people to head program, funding and marketing > and someone who heads the conference. > if someone has a suggestion, they ask the mailing list, but no-one answers. > To have always someone who can say "yes, do this", that is leadership.