FSCONS 2019 Planning

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FSCONS 2019 has been cancelled on July 28th due to organizational problems.

- people in orga did not contribute - people in orga did not respond to my let's cancel event - ergo, director is missing - or even, wrong people?

- dedicated chief of marketing, program and sponsorship - fix infrastructure (WIKI first! then HOWTO edit webpage) - wiki should contain and support the plan

asked: who here would like to go ahead with fscons 2019 > bittin: maybe smaller event, otherwise postpone > [ rest agrees to postpone event ]

johanna: > concrete responsibilities, > concrete target communities

thomas: > needs a plan to re-organize that will make the organization stronger

skymandr: > orga envisions larger network of people > too big a suite for the low amount of people.

kacper: > can invite people to join orga from other countries

skymandr: > https://wiki.fscons.org/FSCONS_2013_Aspects > use this as a example for division of labour

kacper: > we need specific people to head program, funding and marketing > and someone who heads the conference. > if someone has a suggestion, they ask the mailing list, but no-one answers. > To have always someone who can say "yes, do this", that is leadership.