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  • Purchases for the café
  • Sales planning
  • Furnishing of café area
  • Preparing the area for the social events
  • Lunch food
  • Beverages
    • order, pick up, store (before, during and after conf)

Cafe name for 2012


Make enough money to cover the volunteer, staff and speakers' food.

List of available drinks

List of available food

I would request Delicatobollar, since they are edible by almost everyone, including vegans. /Skymandr

Places around Lindholmen with food availability


Soft Drinks

  • Order 1-2 weeks before
  • Refundable/Returnable
  • Pay upon order(/delivery?)


  • Order 1-2 weeks before
  • Ordered from Systembolaget
  • Refundable/Returnable
  • Pay upon order(/delivery?)


  • Order bread on Thursday
  • Ordered from ICA Kvantum Sannegårdshamnen
  • Will put out a sandwich buffet, where people can make their own breakfast sandwich.
  • Consists of: Frallor, butter, cheese, skinka, juice, and some fruits (first come first serve), coffee, tea.
  • Pay upon order/purchase
  • Fruits and sandwich toppings can be bought at Ax Food


  • Order 1-2 weeks ahead.
  • Consists of: Baguettes, salads, and pizza?
  • We have talked to a cafe (), which has made us the offer of 110 SEK (+tax) / salad + baguette for 50 people. Although we will be needing more than this.


  • To be served after 6 or 7. Some food is needed if we intend to keep people later than 19:00.

(Social event for example)

  • The price or food this will be is not discussed (or added to budget). Maybe just buy more salads/baguettes that people can buy? Pizza?


  • To be eaten throughout the day, and also be served together with the beer (Some type of food/snack should be served together with alcohol).
  • Consists of: Sweets (chocolate bars, delicato bollar, etc), baked things, chips/nuts, nachos + dip?