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  • Purchases for the café
  • Sales planning
  • Furnishing of café area
  • Preparing the area for the social events
  • Lunch food
  • Beverages
    • order, pick up, store (before, during and after conf)

Cafe name for 2012


Make enough money to cover the volunteer, staff and speakers' food.

List of available drinks

  • Coca-Cola
  • Trocadero
  • Dr Pepper
  • Cream Soda
  • Whole Earth Cranberry
  • Loka Naturell
  • Loka Citrus
  • Vitamin Well Defence
  • N1304 Club Mate
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Färskpressad Apelsinjuice

List of available food

I would request Delicatobollar, since they are edible by almost everyone, including vegans. /Skymandr

A selection of sandwiches/baguettes will be available. Choices with meat and options for vegans. Along with the baguettes there will be a possibility to purchase slices of pizza, chocolate bars and cakes.

Breakfast will be served in the morning of Saturday and Sunday for free. For breakfast we will provide

  • breakfast roll
  • cheese
  • butter
  • juice
  • tea/coffee (available whole day)
  • fruits

Places around Lindholmen with food availability


Soft Drinks

  • Order 1-2 weeks before
  • Refundable/Returnable
  • Pay upon order(/delivery?)


  • Order bread on Thursday
  • Ordered from ICA Kvantum Sannegårdshamnen
  • Will put out a sandwich buffet, where people can make their own breakfast sandwich.
  • Consists of: Frallor, butter, cheese, skinka, juice, and some fruits (first come first serve), coffee, tea.
  • Pay upon order/purchase
  • Fruits and sandwich toppings can be bought at Ax Food


  • Order 1-2 weeks ahead.
  • Consists of: Baguettes, salads, and pizza?
  • We have talked to a cafe (), which has made us the offer of 110 SEK (+tax) / salad + baguette for 50 people. Although we will be needing more than this.


  • To be served after 6 or 7. Some food is needed if we intend to keep people later than 19:00.

(Social event for example)

  • The price or food this will be is not discussed (or added to budget). Maybe just buy more salads/baguettes that people can buy? Pizza?


  • To be eaten throughout the day, and also be served together with the beverages (Some type of food/snack should be served together with alcohol).
  • Consists of: Sweets (chocolate bars, delicato bollar, etc), baked things, chips/nuts, nachos + dip?