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= Speakers =
= Speakers =
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Making the Future is a proposed theme for FSCONS 2010 the 6-7th of November 2010 in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Reprep is a "rapid prototyping system that is capable of producing its own parts and can therefore be replicated easily". The philosophy of the free software movement: being able to use, share and improve software, gets a real life counterpart in the Hackerspaces, Fablab, Makerbot, Reprep and Open Source Ecology communities. Turning every citizen into a creator is a central issue of this theme, which will explore both the underlying philosophy as well as the actual means of creation.


The responsibility is defined generally for all themes in the FSCONS 2010 Themes page.


Description and Responsibility

  • Keeping a list of all speakers
  • Scheduling speakers into the rooms allocated by the location group
  • Coordinating with the coordinators to get abstracts and presentation material for every speaker
  • Putting the schedule on the web site
  • Communicating with the various themes regarding their speakers, as well as the keynotes group for keynote speakers
  • Communicating with the web site group for web site information
  • Communicating with the budget group for speakers needing assistance with travel or accommodation
  • Ordering tickets and managing hotel reservations or similar for speakers receiving assistance. Coordinated with the FSCONS 2010 Location group which manages hotel and hostel block bookings.


The web site group has good information on their pages about how to add speakers and sessions to the web site.

Available schedule slots

  • Embedded: 3x30, 3x45
  • Net Neutrality: 2x30, 3x45
  • Ethics: 2x30, 3x45
  • Makers: 3x30, 3x45
  • Distributed (FSFE): 2x30, 3x45
  • Feminism: 2x30, 3x45
  • Core: 2x30, 3x45
  • Infrastructure Monitoring: 2x30, 3x45

Total: 18x30, 24x45


Travel details
Name Contact person Title Abstract Biography Arrival Departure Accommodation Budget Scheduling Status
Karin Kosina Jonas Öberg The Inanna Project With Jonas Paid in full by FSCONS (budget line 5.2.2) 6 Nov @ 13.15 OK
Smári McCarthy Jonas Öberg The End of the World as we Know it: How do you feel? With Jonas External 6 Nov @ 17.15 OK
Christian Villum Jonas Öberg Please copy this record to all of your friends! With Jonas External 6 Nov @ 11.30 OK
Gisle Hannemyr Jonas Öberg Challenges to Copyright: The shift towards collaboration External 7 Nov @ 14.15 OK
Erik de Bruijn Jonas Öberg The Future of RepRap and Open Source Hardware With Jonas Travel paid by FSCONS 6 Nov @ 15.15 OK

FSCONS 2010 Themes/Infrastructure Monitoring/Speakers FSCONS 2010 Themes/Net Neutrality and Openness/Speakers

Glyn Moody Jonas Öberg Ethics of Intellectual Monopolies With Jonas Not received yet 5 Nov (flight from UK London airport) 7 Nov (flight to UK London airport) Hotel (w/ breakfast) Paid in full by FSCONS (budget line 5.2.1) 6 Nov @ 14.15 OK
Mathias Klang Jonas Öberg File sharer? Go to jail! With Jonas Not received. - - - - 7 Nov @ 10.45 OK
Lars Sandman Jonas Öberg TBA Not received. Not received. - - - - 6 Nov @ 10.00 OK
Brit Stakston from JMW Jonas Öberg The Ghosts of Social Media With Jonas Not received. - - - - 7 Nov @ 15.15 OK


The schedule can be edited here

Saturday 6th of November

Room 10.00-10.30 10.45-11.15 11.30-12.00 12.00-13.15 13.15-14.00 14.15-15.00 15.15-16.00 16.15-17.00 17.15-18.00
Room 1 Lars Sandman / Ethics 101 Johan Söderberg / Labour Slava & Nicolae / Middleware LUNCH Keynote: Karin Kosina // Arduino+Art Glyn Moody / Ethics Erik de Bruijn / 3D printers Jamie King / Indie Film Torrents Smari McCarthy / End of the World
Room 2 Salve J. Nilsen / Customizable Schoolbooks Knut / MeeGo Christian Villum / CC Record Label Daniel Stenberg / libcurl+protocols Mattias Wecksten / One wire sensors Christina Gratorp / Women in floss Andreas Nilsson / Poster in 45 minutes
Room 3 bayartb / P2P Torsten Grote / Centralisation of Internet Ville Sundell (emb) / ?? Michael Chisari / lbocquet / Social Networks Javier Serrano (emb) / Open Hardware Alessandro Rubini (emb) / ?? Anders Arnholm (emb) / Embedded linux
Workshop Mattias Wecksten (emb) / File systems Per Andersson (hacker) / Git+Debian Lightning Talks (fs)

Sunday 7th of November

Room 10.00-10.30 10.45-11.15 11.30-12.00 12.00-13.15 13.15-14.00 14.15-15.00 15.15-16.00 16.15-17.00 17.15-18.00
Room 1 Ian Watson / OpenAccess Mathias Klang / File sharing Gustav Eek, Stefan Kangas / Distributed email system LUNCH Keynote Oystein J / Distributed Democracy Brit Stakston / Social media Siefkes / Peer Production Jaromil / Free Gardening
Room 2 Mikael N / ?? Daniel Stenberg / Future transport Malin / Gender, class and global flow Mikael von Knorring / "Free Users" FS 3 (rubi??) / ? Gisle Hannemyr / Copyright Björn Lundell / Public sector ICT
Room 3 Timo, phone, (emb) - need ACK Erlang (emb) Ole Tange / GNU Parallel Mikael Söderberg (emb) mc / Yacy Carlos (emb) Matt Lee / ??
Workshop Mathias Friman / School Linux Lightning Talks (using)

Name Title Scheduling Status
Karin Kosina OK
Marius Kintel Invited, unsure about suitability. Offers to get us in touch with others for Reprep.
Mirko Lindner 7 Nov @ 10.00 OK
Jiri Räsänen Might need travel and accommodation
Willem van Cotthem Invited
Michel Bauwens Invited
Smári McCarthy 6 Nov @ 15.15 OK
Christian Villum 6 Nov @ 11.30 OK
Gisle Hannemyr Challenges to Copyright: The shift towards collaboration 7 Nov @ 14.15 OK