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Description and Responsibility

  • Maintaining the technical aspects of the FSCONS web site
  • Updating and improving information on the web site, which is not explicitly delegated to other groups, this includes:
    • Getting here information
    • Hotels/hostels list
    • Getting around information
    • etc..
  • Assisting other groups with putting information online on the website
  • Integrating with Facebook, Twitter, etc in coordination with the PR group.
  • Integrating registration in coordination with the registration group.
  • Mailing list administration and moderation

FSCONS Web for Staff

This is some basic information about the FSCONS web site for the staff (coordinators, volunteers, etc) which is relevant for putting information online.

HOWTO: Add speaker

  1. Contact Jonas :)

HOWTO: Add session

  1. Login to the FSCONS web site as a coordinator and click "Create Content -> Session"
  2. Set From and To date and time (make sure you put it in November in the right year!)
  3. Put the username of the speaker in the Speaker field
  4. Put the username also as "authored by" under "Authoring information", so that the speakers can edit it themselves too if needed
  5. Add abstract
  6. Select room
  7. Click Save

Technical details

FSCONS web site is built on Drupal 6, and makes use of the following additional modules aside from the standard modules: authoring_aliases, calendar, cck, content_access, content_profile, date, rounded_corners, signup, token, views.

The basic node types for the conference is page and session. Pages contain all the static information for the web pages, such as how to get to Gothenburg, information relevant overall for each particular theme. Sessions contain information for each specific session in the conference. Each session is identified with a date and time (from and to), a room number, title, abstract and a speaker. Speakers should be able to edit their own session abstract, so it's important that the author of each session page is the author him or herself and not the coordinator. The coordinator for a theme can always edit all session abstracts, including times and dates.

Each session should be associated with the signup module, so that visitors can sign up for specific sessions. This is used so that speakers can send information to the participants, but also so that the user can create his or her personal schedule of all sessions signed up for (see below).


The schedules exist in three basic formats: theme schedules, overall schedule and personal schedule. The theme schedule presents the speakers and abstracts for each theme in a table format. It is available from http://fscons.org/upcoming/THEME. The overall schedule gives the schedule for the entire conference, including all themes, and presented in a calendar format with the sessions organised by time and room. It will be available from http://fscons.org/schedule. The personal schedule will be at http://fscons.org/myschedule and contains the calender format of all sessions a user has signed up for.


Speakers should have their own account in the user database, with the role speaker. This will make them possible to include as speakers in a session. Biographies of speakers is included in the user profile, and will be used where relevant.


We need a functional and cool design for FSCons. The ideal is that all FSCons material is just as available as TED stuff.