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Description and Responsibility

  • Keeping a record of the budget (expenses and income, actual and projected)
  • Answering budgetary requests from other organisation groups
  • Managing the distribution of budget lines between organisation groups
  • Accepting incoming funds from registration or sponsorship and keeping on a separate FSCONS account
  • Disbursing funds and paying bills in accordance with the budget


See FSCONS 2010 Budget Spreadsheet for details. PLEASE DO NOT MODIFY THAT PAGE! It is automatically created from an OpenOffice.org Calc document maintained by the budget team.

The accounts of FFKP will be audited by Grant Thornton. This will include all book keeping, expenses and income of FSCONS.

Budget distribution

For all sponsorships received, the following distribution key will be used:

  • 90% of the income goes to (a) the theme, if the sponsorship is for a specific theme, or (b) to the FSCONS overall budget
  • 10% of the income is deducted for administrative costs (bank fees, hosting, printing, phone/computer, audit, bookkeeping etc)

If the sponsor or funding body has a specific request, this needs to be agreed on with the budget group before acceptance.

Applications submitted

The following applications for funding have been submitted for FSCONS 2010.

Name Amount Description Submitted date Expected date Responsible Status
SAS 10% discount on participants and own flights. 2% kick-back Kick-back and discount agreement with SAS 28 apr 29 apr Jonas Accepted
Dansk-svenska kulturfonden 15000 SEK To cover travel and accommodation for Danish speakers 29 mar jun Jonas Declined
Internetfonden 60000 SEK To cover travel and accommodation for Swedish speakers 14 mar jun Jonas Declined
Visbyprogrammet 110000 SEK To cover travel and accommodation for speakers from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia 24 feb jun Jonas
Nordisk Kulturfond 100000 DKK Cover participation costs for participants and speakers from Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland, as well as a regional FSCONS in one of these countries 31 mar jun Jonas Accepted
NLnet 10000 EUR Cover speakers travel generally 1 apr jun Jonas Declined