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Description and Responsibility

  • Deciding on food availability, menus, etc for lunches during Saturday and Sunday, and for dinner on Saturday
  • Communicating with the registration group for registration information
  • Contacting and ordering food from catering
  • Arranging to have coffee and tea available during all conference days
  • Arranging to have some biscuits and/or fruits available in the afternoon on each day
  • Order and arrange for delivery of beer, wine, soft drinks and other drinks, as well as snacks
  • Return unsold beer, wine etc after the conference
  • If possible, arranging breakfast before the conference
  • Communicating with the conference staff group for volunteer staff for serving
  • Communicating with the budget group for budget requirements


  • Lena Stark (Groovy Food) is contracted this year again
  • Asked Lena for price and menu for the lunch (REG group wanted this for registration)