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Description and Responsibility

  • Deciding on food availability, menus, etc for lunches during Saturday and Sunday, and for dinner on Saturday
  • Communicating with the registration group for registration information
  • Contacting and ordering food from catering
  • Arranging to have coffee and tea available during all conference days
  • Arranging to have some biscuits and/or fruits available in the afternoon on each day
  • Order and arrange for delivery of beer, wine, soft drinks and other drinks, as well as snacks
  • Return unsold beer, wine etc after the conference
  • If possible, arranging breakfast before the conference
  • Communicating with the conference staff group for volunteer staff for serving
  • Communicating with the budget group for budget requirements


  • Lena Stark (Groovy Food) is contracted this year again
  • Asked Lena for price and menu for the lunch (REG group wanted this for registration)
    Lena confirms same menu and price as last year for lunches. This means that the menu will be:
    Saturday: Vegetarian Lasagna with vegan options (60 SEK)
    Sunday: Warm soup (vegan) with bread (50 SEK)
    Prices are incl. VAT. To this we need to pay about 10 SEK for utensils etc. In total, we must charge 120 SEK for two days, or 60 SEK per day.