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Web & Infrastructure Committee
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The web & infrastructure committee is responsible to create and maintain the technical infrastructure for the conference and its organisation. This includes:

Getting started

Get a copy of this year's website by running:

 git clone git@gitorious.org:fscons-web/fscons-org.git
 git checkout 2014

Once you've done some changes, contribute them back by creating a merge request on gitorious or sending a patch on the mailing list.

Most project in the web committee are managed through git and hosted on [gitorious.org/fscons-web/ gitorious.org] or github.


Since gitorious has no issue tracker, the committee uses a Trello board for tracking issues.

Other questions can be addressed to the org mailing list. Alternatively, if you need some help, you can use the IRC channel or contact Grégoire directly.


Domain name

The domain name fscons.org is registered at https://gandi.net. The registrant id (and the username on the admin interface at gandi) is GD4763-GANDI. The domain expiration is sometime in August.



Web server, host all the web sites. This is a VPS hosted by Secure Networks through Friprogramvarusyndikatet.


NAS used to store the video and other association data.


Conference website

URL: https://fscons.org/

Main website for the conference,

Souces on gitorious


URL: https://frab.fscons.org

Frab is an open source conference management system originally created as a replacement to pentabarf for the organisation of FrOSCon. It is used by the Program committee to manage the CFP and organise the schedule.

Source code on Github

Ticket shop

URL: https://tickets.fscons.org

Custom web application developed in python using django which is used to sell tickets on the web.

Sources on Github


URL: https://wiki.fscons.org

This wiki is powered by MediaWiki with a bunch of extensions. Note that it's the only website which used a CACert.org signed certificate instead of a purchased one.

Mailing lists

Our mailing lists are hosted by fripost.


We use a self-hosted IRC bot to take note during our IRC meetings. The bot is running supybot with the MeetBot plugin and should be available in the #fscons channel under the name MeetBot|FSCONS. More info: