Meeting 2011-08-29

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FSCONS Planning meeting at Gnutiken August 29, 2011 at 16:00 -- 17:00.



  • Gnutiken Web.
  • Map
  • Address: Övre Husargatan 27, Near Linnéplatsen, Göteborg


  • Staffing Proposal
  • Proposal for subtitling recorded talks
  • Decide poster design
  • 30-seconds video booth
  • Publishing speaker name (advertising FSCONS)
  • Keynote speaker - what issue to address?
  • New submissions received
  • Decide when/where next meeting

Alternative ways of joining the meeting, if you can't make it in person

Contact us at info[AT] and ask for alternative ways of joining the meeting. Normally we'll have an IRC chat room going. You can read more about IRC here. Probably we'll add a phone line also, so that you may join via phone. More info on that to come, but please contact us for more information.



Patrik, Henrik, Oliver, Andreas, Jonas, Rikard, Nahid, Ed, Karin, Leif-Jöran, Jens, Klondike

Pre-meeting information item:

Razor, hesa, jonaso was at Chalmers, which doesn't really work. Good spaces for everything, but spread across the campus.

ITU is now our primary choice of venue.

Staffing Proposal

Need 21 volunteers, have 8.

Staffing Proposal won't do, as we need more people manning the café, during rush hours we'll need four people manning the café.

We could sell lunch coupons all of the time to simplify handling during peak.

Next week the "recruit volunteers" campaign will start.

Will co-organizers help out with volunteers? TODO: Template:Trim

Reach GHS via their mailing list.

Have an option at registration to suggest visitors that they need not pay, but can volunteer instead.

Proposal for subtitling recorded talks

Universal Subtitles, GPL licensed webapp, crowd-sourced.

TODO: Template:Trim (User:HeavenSmile)

Keynote subtitling is most probably a post-conference task


Rikard contacted a school in Ljungskile, who educates sign-language students.

Their students might be able to help with that for free.

If a visitor want sign-language interpretation they should contact Rikard as soon as they can so can he help them get this service for free.

Decide poster design

Henrik forgot the file ;(

TODO: Template:Trim (User:hesa)

Deadline for comments about the poster design is the afternoon of 2011-08-30.

30-seconds video booth

Henrik: people took cameras and recorded comments of people commenting on the conf.

Set up a booth, answer the question "Why did you come here?" (push button A, get half a minute to answer)

Jonas: Another "booth button" (B), for a "confession" type video automagically encoded and published to

TODO: Template:Trim (User:wildcard)

TODO: Template:Trim (User:wildcard)

Klondike gets hardware list, Henrik fix hardware.


Leif-Jöran has raised 4000SEK from own track sponsors, so overall budget should be deduced by 4000SEK (i.e. 26kSEK)

Publishing speaker names (advertising FSCONS)

Deadline for letting people know if they were accepted is thursday, so after that it's ok to start announcing.

Stian has been sick, status on Money track is unknown, AndreasN has not responded to Leif-Jörans status requests but is informed to get it rolling before Wednesday.

If anyone wants to help with advertising, please let Henrik, Oliver or Rikard know.

Three names in the list has not confirmed that they are coming.

As a track organiser, inform Leif-Jöran when people has been accepted, and again when they have confirmed the acceptance.

Henrik might want to split one of the timeslots (45min) into two, getting two talks.

We can publish those we know are clear (accepted and have responded).

Do the track organisers publish the names? Or does "FSCONS" do it, and after which the organisers start pushing?

DECISION: FSCONS publishes first. Organisers goes after that

TODO: Template:Trim (User:Jonas)

Keynote speaker - what issue to address?

General keynote speaker discussion.

New submissions received

A couple of late submissions have come in.

These submissions will of course be handled the same way as the pre-deadline submissions.

The late submissions often have very good topics, and we need some buffers for when speakers drop out.

Leif-Jöran should handle the submissions, and delegate them to the appropriate track organisers as well as org@

Put responsibility of late submission acceptance on the track organisers.

Social Event Saturday

Push ideas to org@, simultaneous activites:

  • Keysigning party
  • Security challenge, people/teams should solve challenges, and send solutions within the time frame
  • Hacker competition, two ppl gets the same task, and should program it within 5 minuts, best code goes through to next round


Need a server, suggested, and connect computers to this, and from computers to cameras via DV or USB.

Connection between server and computers should be ethernet.

A core2 computer from 2008 would suffice per camera.

Make deals with computer salespersons?

Cameras need to have DV. So wildcard and klondike must check FFKP hardware.

When we know what we need, wildcard and klondike should submit a list to Henrik.

Decide when/where next meeting

Meet more often, which might make every meeting shorter.

Agenda-driven meetings focussed on specific topics (based on the existing groups)

Monday September 12th, 17:00

Extra Execution team meeting September 19th, 17:00