Documentation Sprint 1, 2015

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Date:2015-03-29 15:00


  • Inventory
  • labeling
  • preparation of list of responsibilities
  • next step


Present: Ljo, Grégoire

We weren't enough people to do the actual re-organization of the wiki but we came up with the following proposition for a shortened list of top-level categories by merging the current categories with the list of committees and grouping what seems highly related:

  • tech: web, infrastructure, hardware
  • documentation and evaluation: policies/documentation, survey, metrics, evaluation
  • accessibility diversity, inclusiveness
  • promotion (incl poster and graphic design)
  • föreningen
  • meeting (?)
  • logistics café, venue (incl signs), staffing/volunteer management
  • budget incl budget and sponsors
  • fscons 20xx for files, meeting notes and drafts/WIP


  • each committee decide on documentation, inventory and of labeling their pages
  • documentation sprint number 2 after yearly meeting