2013/Fifth planning meeting

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Date:2013-06-03 18:00


  • Welcome to new members
  • Reports from the aspects (Aspects walk-through)
  • Keynote speaker voting deadline
  • Theme
  • AOB
    • Standing agenda
  • Next meeting


Welcome to new members

One new member attended.

Aspects walk-through

Figures from yearly meeting distributed across incomes and expenditures
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Meeting since last time. Positive to have coherent version.
Maybe have it translated to Swedish for next yearly meeting (Low prio).
JAK has confirmed.
We need to put all organisations we contacted so far in track page.
CFP will be sent out June 10th.
Sends standard dents regularly.
Contact magazines to renew contacts and ask for deadline for ads.
Ask last years sponsors and reach out action. Openend might be interested. Friprogramvarusyndikatet will sponsor all children attending with an Arduino.
Fredrik W[endt] cannot participate in the aspect this year, but hopefully next year. Will buy business ticket though.
Leif-Jöran has gotten clearance from head of department to be in the Humanisten main building during the weekend in addition to in Språkbanken on Friday.
Web and infrastructure
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Keynote vote

Deadline June 23rd. 2012 and previous year's suggestions will be added to page. The Vote counting will be done at the June 24th work meeting.

Conference theme

Decision: "Semantics of freedom" will be the overall conference theme. "Standup for your rights" was voted down, but the work meeting attendants were positive to have GPL3 defence event before and/or during the conference.


Standing agenda
Decision: A standing agenda was decided to be used for the work meetings
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Next meeting

  • June 10th 18-19, Språkbanken
  • June 24th 18-19, Språkbanken